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14/10/2021 - 07:35

Electric with dance cover

"For us, dance cover is no longer a mere pleasure; it becomes a passion, a mental pabulum, even a direction for the future career development," said Phan Quoc Bao, an enthusiast for dance covers.

Electric with Kpop random dance

Fascination from Korea

Dance cover is a form of dance according to the dances in the MVs. These movements have two forms: the existing dance cover or the cover with the addition of movements depending on the melody.

Notably, the Kpop dance cover has a distinct appeal for the youth when the pop music genre, especially the dance style in Korea with catchy melodies and spectacular choreography, has infused a fresh spirit into the music market.

"Like the song ‘Nobody’ by Wonder Girls or ‘Gangnam Style’ by singer PSY, it has become one of the cover phenomena well known to almost all enthusiasts for dance covers,” said Quoc Bao.

Aside from Wonder Girls and PSY, Hue young enthusiasts for music today are no stranger to the famed Korean bands like BTS, Black Pink, TWICE, IZ * ONE with the hit MVs like Dynamite, How you like that, More&More, La Vie en Rose...

Of course, the fascination of this dance genre does not merely come from Kpop because there are still vibrant dances from Europe - America or close to Vietnamese singers.

“However, the fascination of Korean music is undeniable when more than 90% of the songs we covered are from this country. Apart from freely performing dances and being immersed in music, the band also partly "touches" their favorite music idols", added Cao Quoc, a 2K generation boy (born in 2000 onwards) passionate for dance cover.

Hue's image promoted

Right at the junior secondary school, Cao Quoc wished to become an idol. Although different in goals, he together with other young people has the same passion for dance.Cao Quoc, Phan Quoc Bao, Tran Nguyen Hoang Anh and their friends, who share the passion for Kpop dance cover, formed the F. IXX dance band. This is the venue for the young people to practice their newly-released "hot" MVs and share their achievements with everyone.

Investment in costumes to perfect the Roly poly cover (T-ARA band)

Hoang Anh said, "Therefore, our band released a lot of MV covers; this is a form of Kpop in public challenge, roughly translated as a Kpop dance challenge in public. This form will distinguish it from Kpop random dance and create quality MVs in the public context we choose."

With many beautiful locations, Hue’s young people "brought the whole native land" into the dance cover MVs. Those are the girly, energetic dances in the song "I can't stop me" by TWICE girl band, or the romantic and gentle movements of the Butter MV clip by BTS boy band.

“Parks, ironwood bridge, Hue Royal Palace are all the prior choices of the band. Not only does the band desire to introduce the beautiful and characteristic scenery, but it also wishes the young people with the same passion everywhere to know that in Hue, the passion for dance cover will endure," said Phan Quoc Bao.

On weekends or free days, the members who love Kpop dance cover come together to the specific spots in Hue to shoot unique dance cover clips.

The original dances are observed, but the personal individuality is unmistakable. Like Cao Quoc, even though he joined in the clip "I can't stop me" as a female dancer, his strength and masculinity in the flexible movements could be recognized.

“We find joy and excitement in living life to the fullest with music and dances. Therefore, we desire to share this passion so that those who do not understand dance cover can find the motivation to understand better or those who share the passion but are still timid dare to manifest themselves." said Quoc.


As young Hoang Anh mentioned, in addition to the public challenges, the second form of dance cover is random dance sessions. This is truly a varied outdoor music and dance feast for the members and passersby to join to their fullest.

Among thousands of songs, the random dance sessions only select the "quintessential" clips of each MV with attractive dance moves. Without an appointment, many young enthusiasts for dance covers have met and lit the fire of their passion for dance.

Thao Nguyen, a third-year female student, University of Foreign Languages, shared, “My hometown is in Quang Tri; I previously taught myself Kpop dance cover. Later, reaching Hue, I thought I had to stop my passion.  However, through the random sessions, I feel that life is livelier, meaningful, and stress is removed.

In addition to varied experiences, this dance genre has offered the young people a new choice.  After many years of studying and perfecting himself, Phan Quoc Bao decided to pursue the path of professional dance.

“I strive to practice every day and create new dances. My desire is not only confined to dance cover; I wish to learn a lot more to open the dance classes with a variety of genres and styles," confided Quoc Bao.

In Vietnam, it is not uncommon for the hit bands to start from dance covers such as B-Wild, Oops! Crew or FGDance. If Hue young people also show passion and determination, maybe Hue will have more new cult bands.

Story: MAI HUE – Photos provided by the character in the story