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06/09/2020 - 20:07

Elegant, exquisite ao dai with lotus pattern by the side of Hue Imperial Citadel

Amid the ancient, solemn, royal-styled scene of Hue Imperial Citadel, ao dai in the collection “Flower colors” (Sắc Liên Hoa) of Kenny Thai, a designer, has turned the model Quynh Hoa into an exquisite muse.

The designer Kenny Thai and his team chose Hue Imperial Citadel as a background to take a series of photos introducing the ao dai collection named “Sac Lien Hoa”. In the ancient, solemn scene full of royal style, the unique ao dai with the patterns of lotus flowers become more and more impressive and prominent.

Not being simple as the single colored ao dai, ao dai in “Sac Lien Hoa” collection are designed with the maximum color schemes, together with the unique material transformation from organza to silk, brocade to velvet. The impressive cropping lines seem to blow a new ‘wind’ into traditional ao dai, while still keeping the harmonious overall designs to fully show the “temperament” of the elegant kind of flowers.

Specially, the 3D lotus pattern is elaborately shaped in each delicate petal’s vein. The golden lotus’s stamen is attached with spackling glass beads like morning dew capturing the beauty of the nature.

Every needle-work is considered carefully by the designer to both honor the body curves and fade away the shortcomings at the same time. “When dressing, ao dai not only fit the body but also is suitable for all skin tones and ages thank to its elegant and noble appearance,” shared designer Kenny Thai.

With the desire to revive the traditional ao dai, ao dai of Kenny Thai designer always make those wearing it become unique and fresh in the dynamic and modern life.

Showing the collection in “Sac Lien Hoa” is Quynh Hoa – a girl with the most beautiful hair in Miss Vietnam 2016. At present, she is working in a tourism sector in Hue. Although being away from showbiz for a long time, she excitedly accepted the invitation from the designer Kenny Thai because she not only loves the beauty of ao dai but the collection is also taken photos right at her homeland – Hue Ancient Town.