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26/10/2022 - 08:05

Elevating sales into art

Within the framework of the program “Women cooperate - create the future”, on October 24, Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF) and Dong Ba Market Management Board held an inspirational meeting with the theme “Art of displaying shelves & attracting customers” for Dong Ba market small traders.

Selling goods requires new skills to attract buyers

Under the guidance of Dang Doan Quoc Bao, an expert, the small traders of Dong Ba market have been imparted skills and art of arranging goods in an aesthetic and scientific manner, helping to manage goods well and attract customers; applying the art of selling in the form of “consultation” to both sell goods and make a good impression on shoppers and visitors to the market. The small traders were also imparted skills of caring and grasping customer psychology; modes of developing business channels; improving position and sales style; building a sustainable business model…

Ms. Hoang Thi Nhu Thanh - Head of Dong Ba Market Management Board assessed that the inspirational session brought new thoughts and perspectives, helping to elevate the display of goods at Dong Ba market into an art.

“Women cooperate - create the future” program belongs to the cooperation ones between SVF and the Provincial People's Committee on building an innovation ecosystem in the province with the goal of providing special support resources for business women in general, and small business women in Dong Ba market in particular.

The program also aims to create positive impacts towards sustainable development through innovation activities, developing businesswomen - businesses associated with gender equality and social integration; helping to spread the values ​​of life in the journey of starting a business and building the entrepreneurial spirit in every female trader.

Before that, also in the framework of “Women cooperate - create the future”, SVF coordinated with Dong Ba Market Management Board to organize an activity with the theme “Happy sellers” on October 21.

By Han Dang