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25/07/2022 - 08:24

Enjoying the “Old Scent of the Ancient Village” Festival 

On July 23, a large number of tourists and local people came to the "Old Scent of the Ancient Village" Festival and had had interesting and unique experiences.

Visitors cycling to visit the ancient village as part of the festival’s program

Held within the framework of activities in response to Hue Festival 2022 and associated with the four-season festival, the "Old Scent of the Ancient Village" festival takes place in 3 days, from July 23 to 25. Thousands of tourists and local residents have come to visit and experience the activities.

Tourists can visit and buy specialties in the "Old Scent of the Ancient Village" market; watch and support the contest "Traditional Cake Making", "Arrange the five-fruit tray"; directly participate in traditional folk games, such as: "Hitting clay pots blindfolded", "Catching ducks blindfolded", tug of war; or/and visit the exhibition space of artwork by the photographer Nguyen Khoa Huy with the theme "The lifetime of Hue lotus".

Visitors can also visit and buy traditional handicraft products from the village, agricultural products, specialties and OCOP products of Phong Dien such as, fish sauce from Hai Nhuan craft village, garlic chives from Vinh Xuong cooperative; fish net from Van Trinh craft village, Pho Trach bang grass (Lepironia articulata) cushion handicraft products; products of carpentry and sculptures from My Xuyen …

In addition, there is a one-day tour and a half-day tour to visit ancient ruong houses, relics; enjoying cycling tours, motorboat tours, dragon boat rides and SUP rowing on the O Lau River. Visitors can participate in the street performances and experience making Phuoc Tich pottery, weaving Pho Trach bang grass cushions, etc.

Some images of the interesting experiences at the festival:

Visiting and buying typical handicraft products of Phong Dien

Experiencing making Phuoc Tich pottery

The results...thereafter

The exciting atmosphere of "Catching ducks blindfolded"

The children are delighted with "Hitting clay pots blindfolded"

Phong Dien women testing their strength through a game of tug of war

The joy after winning the match

By Duc Quang