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12/11/2020 - 21:17

Ensuring safety of people's lives in the rain and storms

Due to heavy rains and discharge water from reservoirs, many lowland areas have been flooded. Meanwhile, the highlands warned of local flooding and landslides. The authorities at all levels have actively evacuated people to safe places and are on duty 24/24 with the predicted long-term rain and storm...

The road to Quang Phu has been flooded; and the local authorities advised people to limit travels

Protecting the lives of people in low-lying areas

On the afternoon of November 11, Xuan Tuy village, Quang Phu commune and many low-lying areas in Quang Dien district were flooded quite deeply. Water had flooded into many houses.

Chairman of the People's Committee of Quang Phu commune, Mr. Pham Van Loi said that in the rainy season, the local authorities always have a plan to live with floods safely. Protecting people's lives is always their top priority.

On the morning of  Nov. 11, the floodwaters started pouring in and rising. The schools in the commune actively allowed students to leave school. People were attentive to communal announcements and evacuated to higher grounds according to regulations ...

In Quang Thanh commune, the households in the critical areas have all been relocated to higher grounds areas by the local government. The Commune People's Committee has also prepared food reserves for 10 days to promptly support the people.

Many roads in Khe Tre town are flooded locally

Warning of landslides, flash floods in the highlands

A Luoi district People's Committee representative said that due to continuous heavy rains, a landslide point occurred at Km 76 + 500, Highway 49A Hue - A Luoi. The District People's Committee recommends people to limit crossing this road to ensure safety.

In the mountainous district of Nam Dong, there has been heavy to very heavy rain. Heavy rains have flooded many roads and houses in the district center and neighboring communes, causing traffic jams and affecting people's daily life.

Plans for long-term rain and flood

People in Huong Tra low-lying area rent boats to travel. Photo: Phan Thang

Mr. Phan Thanh Hung, Chief of the Standing Office of the Provincial Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue, said that it is forecasted that rain and flood will continue to be complicated and prolonged. Especially with the Typhoon No. 13, which is predicted to be very strong and to land in the central region, the storm center can enter Thua Thien Hue. Storm combined with large floods will cause unpredictable consequences.

Currently, localities and departments are actively implementing storm response plans. By 15h00, on November 11, about 12,000 households with more than 37,000 people in dangerous areas, mountainsides, landslide areas, low-lying areas, coastal areas, lagoons ... were evacuated to safety. 1,000 tons of rice and many tons of food from the provincial support have been sent to communes and towns to distribute to people in the face of prolonged flooding.

Story and photos: H.Trieu – H. Phuc – M.Nguyen