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30/08/2019 - 07:49

Enterprises "hunt" for tourism human resources

Tourism service is one of the "hottest" industries in our country today. Enterprises are demanding for a great amount of human resources, especially skillful and well-trained workers.

Students register to be recruited into Laguna Lang Co

The thirst for tourism workforce

Evidence for the above information was shown at the job festival held by Hue Tourism College recently. While there were only 264 graduated students, the demand for official positions of enterprises was up to 1,138. Also, at this festival in 2018, there were 1,122 vacancies while there were only 248 students graduated.

Mr. Vu Hoai Phuong, Rector of Hue Tourism College said that since 2016, 100% of the students from the college have found jobs after graduation. The fortunate thing was that students had the right to choose a good working environment, mainly in 4 - 5 star hotels and resorts, such as Laguna Lang Co, Azerai La Residence, Indochine Palace, Vinpearl Hue and big hotels in Da Nang, Hoi An, such as Park Hyatt, InterContinental Peninsula Resort, Novotel, Vinpearl, Ba Na Hills resorts ...

At the Career Festival of Hue Tourism College in 2019, 28 enterprises registered for recruitment were all from big brands. Ms. Trinh Ngoc Thuy Nhi, Laguna Lang Co Director of Human Resources said that the annual labor demand of Laguna ranges from 100-200 employees. Hue's labor force had only one disadvantage that is a little bit inactive compared to other cities, though, using local workforce was Laguna's strategy, so the future workers would mainly be recruited in Hue.

My An Hot Springs Resort is about to be put into operation, requiring 400 - 500 employees. Particularly in 2019, in the first phase, the resort needs 130-150 workers.

"The criteria is that the worker should be skillful, since the hotel service industry does not allow mistakes, customers require high level of service. We are quite worried because the recruiting capacity this time was only around 30% of the demand. In the coming days, the resort will continue to coordinate with various channels to call for recruitment that meets the demands of number of workers," representative of My An Hot Springs Resort shared.

According to Ms. Dang Thi Kim Hong, Head of Administration Department of InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, many students still need to sharpen more practical skills, if there is a better collaboration between enterprises and training institutions, there will be more well-qualified students; using foreign languages well is also an essential skill that the graduates need to acquire.

Just recently graduated, Le Thi Thu Uyen wished, like many other students, to register to work in Laguna. According to Thu Uyen, the working environment and income there are rather good; in addition to being close to family.

Students obtaining information about My An Hot Springs Resort

On-demand training

Currently, there is no standard to evaluate the quality of graduate tourism students. Therefore, the human resource training schools take the criteria to meet the needs of businesses as a measure. Obviously, the higher the rank of the business is, the better the income and the less time to get promoted will be, which is an affirmation of the quality of training.

According to Mr. Vu Hoai Phuong, in order to meet the needs of businesses, there was no other way than to involve businesses into the training program with the school. Over the years, businesses had participated in the stages of the training program at the school, such as career orientation, vocational skills, curriculum development, curriculum review, participating in teaching and evaluating the training process of students, their internship and graduation exams.

Ms. Trinh Ngoc Thuy Nhi said that at stage 2, when the casino and other sectors are put into operation, Laguna Lang Co would need at least 1,000 more employees. With the income of new workers that was at least about 6 million VND / month, those who were well-trained would have a higher salary, about 7 - 10 million VND. Compared to others, this income level would help Laguna resort attract more qualified workers.

Also, according to Ms. Nhi, over the past years, the training institutions have improved considerably as new students have entered the “open day” festival to learn and become familiar with the tourism service profession. Students in the second or third year also participated in long-term internships as like official staffs who have had improved skills. It is a good way to improve the quality of tourism human resources nowadays, which require skills rather than theoretical knowledge.

With the growing trend of tourism, its job market is expected to thrive. The training institutions should seize the opportunities and exact needs of employment to satisfy the requirements of enterprises, enhancing the quality of human resources operating in the field of tourism.

Story, photos: Duc Quang