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09/07/2020 - 15:15

“Environment and wildlife protection”

This is the theme of the painting competition ‘Environment and Wildlife Protection’ for students in 2020 taking place on July 8 at Huyen Tran Cultural Center.

A student participating in the painting competition

The competition held by the Forest Protection Department of Hue city in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training of Hue city, Huyen Tran Primary School (Hue city), and the Carbon Storage and Biodiversity Protection Project (Carbi 2). The event attracted the participation of over 200 students of Huyen Tran Primary School.

The competition had direct impacts on students, positively raising awareness in thinking and changing their actions; at the same time spreading to friends, relatives, and society to join hands in protecting the environment and wildlife.

This was also an opportunity for the children to express their creative art ability, opening an interesting and healthy “extracurricular” playground: Learning by Playing, Playing but Learning.

The competition also propagandized about environmental issues, raising alarm bells about the situation of natural environment and biodiversity degradation to children; helping them raising their love with the environment, nature, as well as with biodiversity values, especially wild animals.

Story and photo: Hoang Trieu