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26/08/2018 - 15:29

Era of Hue cyclos

Renovation of tourism products to develop Hue tourism, including Hue cyclos, is highly interested by the province. This not only improves the image of Hue tourism, but also helps cyclo drivers live by this type of rudimentary transportation.

Hue cyclos. Photo: Phuoc Quang

When visitors love strolling by cyclo

Activities of Hue tourism cyclos have been officially launched since Hue Festival 2016. At that time, the province only built a typical team of cyclos with more than 60 units, which were repaired, repainted, and equipped with mattresses and roofs. Besides, cyclo drivers were delivered with uniforms, including jackets, hats, and tourist guide maps. The cyclo drivers must strictly abide by rigorous new rules and regulations, they were also received skills and behavior training, etc., in order to build beautiful image of Hue cyclos in visitors.

Hue Festival 2016 ended, Hue cyclos have received many good feelings from visitors, especially international ones. Since then, the tourism type of going by Hue cyclos has grown steadily. The number of Hue tourism cyclos has risen to nearly 300, which are operating orderly at hotels; and loved by many people.

The most vivid evidence is that the image of Hue cyclos carrying visitors is being seen on every street in the city. Cyclo drivers with beautiful uniforms travelling in the city are promoting the impressive image of Hue tourism.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh, visiting Hue with her family and friends of more than 20 people from Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, said, "We would like to discover the beauty of the places we are visiting. A cyclo ride is very suitable to visit the city, as its price is not expensive, with only tens of thousand VND for a one-hour ride. The cyclos travel slowly, so we can easily enjoy the landscapes and watch locals’ life.”

According to Ms. Minh, her family and friends used the cyclo service not only to stroll around the city, but also to go eating and shopping. "The cyclo drivers are cheerful and enthusiastic, they know many places to eat, to go shopping… and introduce them to us. It is very great,” she added.

Mr. and Ms. Drake, visitors from the US, said, "We have travelled to many countries. We often would want to experience means of transport in wherever we are to learn about their culture. When we go to Thailand, India, Philippines, etc., we would like to ride tuk tuks; and when we are in Vietnam, I would love to ride cyclos, which are more comfortable and interesting. We love this kind of vehicle so much."

Contributing to protect the environment

Mr. Vo Xuan Quang, from Thuy Bieu ward, bought a cyclo to transport goods in the 2000s and registered to operate at Dong Ba Cyclo-Motorbike Syndication. After 2010, the cyclo was no longer suitable for transporting goods, so he put his cyclo in the warehouse and shifted to other livelihoods. Nowadays, it comes the era of cyclos, as visitors like this mean of transport. Thus, Mr. Quang went back to drive the cyclo, and registered to operate at ALBA hotel. His job is very stable and well-paid.

"Nowadays, I have two to three rides carrying passengers around Hue city daily on average. The price is of VND 80,000 per hour per passenger, and VND 160,000 per hour for two passengers. My family life is stable thanks to the job," Mr. Quang said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nghiep, from Phu Hiep ward, who are in the tourism cyclo team at Hoang Tuan hotel said, "Many visitors love strolling by cyclo around the city, so our job is stable. Every day, cyclo drivers in the team earn some hundreds of thousand VND. This is quite high and stable income. We hope that Hue will increasingly attract more and more visitors.”

According to many travel experts, the use of Hue cyclo to carry visitors not only brings economic efficiency such as creating jobs for the locals but also contributes to protect the environment and avoid causing traffic jams as Hue’s streets are still very narrow.”

The Labor Confederation of Hue city is now managing Hue tourism cyclo syndications. In order to well manage them, Labor Confederation of Hue city organizes annual professional training, focusing on the disciplines of the cyclo teams; training their communication skills and behavior towards visitors. Thanks to that, the awareness of Hue tourism cyclo teams is improved day by day.

By Trong Hoang