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18/11/2020 - 14:35

European cultural "banquet" returns to Hue

"Despite our setbacks, loneliness and loss, we have to strive because we have love and aspiration towards a brighter future" - that is the message the Organizing Committee of the European Film Festival 2020 in Vietnam conveys to viewers against an unpredictable background when the world is turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A scene from the film "Before Dawn" of German cinema

The film festival will open from November 20, and once again, Hue is honored to be selected as the stop of the prestigious film festival with excellent films, conveying the cultural beauty of the European countries to the viewers of the ancient capital. There are a great many highlights at this festival when it is held on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of EU-Vietnam diplomatic relations.

Having been held in Hue in previous years, the European Film Festival left a good impression on the public. There, the viewers were immersed in the "parties" of fairly equal quality. Notably, there were a number of excellent films that received many prestigious awards and nominations. The filmmakers conveyed to Hue viewers the enjoyable stories and perspectives on European culture, life, people...

At this year's film festival open for free at Cinestar (25 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hue City), the audience once again have the opportunity to live in the atmosphere of the European cinema with 13 outstanding films selected from 14 European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands ...

Like the previous film festivals, the films selected to be released to Vietnamese audience in general and Hue in particular won the domestic and international big awards. According to the organization committee, through the footage, viewers will perceive the journey of youth and maturity, history and current life, familial values ​​and complex ego in the world of contradictions and hopes.

There, viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy the film in the Spanish documentary genre titled "Silence of the fellow humans". There, two filmmakers Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar will show viewers the historic struggle of the victims of the 40-year dictatorship in Spain under General Franco, who are still seeking justice until now.

Made for more than six years, the film kept track of the survivors as they organized the shocking "Argentinean Lawsuit" against the oblivion of crimes against humanity. The film is also a journey to discover a country still separated after four decades of democracy formation. The film was awarded the Audience-Voted Award and the Film Award for Peace at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Also joining in the European Film Festival 2020 held in Hue and a few other provinces in Vietnam, the German film "Before dawn" is also expected. Produced by director Maria Schrader in 2016, "Before Dawn" told Stefan Zweig’s exile years in Buenos Aires, New York and Brazil. Stefan Zweig was one of the most read German-speaking writers in his time. As a Jewish intellectual, Zweig struggled to find the right stance on the events in Nazi Germany and to look for a home in the new world.

Today, especially for the cinema fans, Zweig is known for his novel adapted by director Max Ophuls into the film "An Unacquainted Woman’s Letter” and the work inspired"Grand Budapest Hotel" by Wes Anderson. With that success, the film was honored to receive the Best Director Award (Bavarian Film Award) and the Best Actor Award and Best Cinematographer (German Film Critics Association).

Mr. Nguyen Dung, former Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, who attended the European Film Festival for many years in Hue, said that he was overjoyed to hear that this year the film festival will also return to the Ancient Capital.

According to Mr. Dung, that shows that the cultural connection between European countries and Hue is very close. More happily, the embassies having the screened films, the provincial leaders and the people always welcome and spend time watching the films. “The screened films help viewers perceive humanity. Through each film, the deep understanding of the country and people is enhanced,” said Mr. Dung.

Screening schedule of European Film Festival 2020 in Hue:

Louise on the Beach (20:00 - November 21), This annual occasion (18:00 - November 22), The Silence of Fellow Humans (20:00 - November 22), Motherland (20:00 - November 23), Cheek by Jowl (20:00 - November 24), Perfect Stranger (20:00 - November 25), The Wonderful Life of V (20:00- November 26), Teacher Twister on the Pitch (20:00 - November 27), Reunion (18:00 - November 28), Brooklyn (20:00 - November 28), Budapest on Sleepless Nights (18:00 - November 29), Before Dawn (20:00 - November 29), and Winter Flies (20:00. - November 30).

Tickets are available to fans at Cinestar (25 Hai Ba Trung, Hue City)

Story and photo: Nhat Minh