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29/08/2022 - 06:51

Everlasting love for bicycle wheels

I woke up as the alarm went on. That was a Saturday morning, our cyclist group set up a "weekend program" to cycle to Thuan An Beach, and visit Ru Cha mangrove forest in Huong Phong Commune.

The preparation of the plan was assigned to each group member, including cameras, water, cakes, and fruit, etc. All of us were very eager, like school children, for a small trip with many benefits such as improving health, relieving stress, as well as recharging energy before a new working week with a lot of chaos ahead.

From high school to university, even after graduating and becoming a teacher, the bicycle had always been a close friend of our generation, who grew up in the countryside with parents and went through the subsidy period with all kinds of hardships.

Students in district schools have been still talking about my "steed" with the brand name of Thong Nhat that I often rode to work. It is a "legacy" that my father brought back to my hometown after many years of joining the revolutionary forces in the North. I rode it to school, then to work; and even later, when I began dating, that "steed" still faithfully followed me on every step of my journey to conquer the "other half" of my life, with happy ending in spite of many difficulties…

Gradually, following the development of life, my bicycle, which had stuck with me for a long time, stayed backwards to make way for the motorbikes. Afterwards, I saved up to own a medium-sized car; and just like that, my exciting youth passed me by. Nowadays, when I have reached the age of 60s like many others, I am going back to the bicycle.

I find it quite interesting that motorbikes or cars are just a means of transportation, while a simple bicycle is not only a vehicle, but also a memento reminding us of bygone days with so many happy and also sad memories.

In Hue city where I am living in, the cycling movement is being launched and spreading every day. Beside professional cyclists who can conquer tens of kilometers of paths, amateurs like us are cycling not for competing for speed or prizes, but for many other simple and interesting purposes.

First of all, cycling activity aims to connect with the community, and friends, as well as gathering people with similar active interests. On every trip or section of road, through which we cycle, many stories have been shared. Additionally, in the early mornings, we can also enjoy the images and rhythm of life with so many people and lives out there, along with the landscapes along the roads and of the villages, and deeply breathe the fresh air, full of cool morning dew so as to balance life.

Just like that, each spinning wheel helps us relax our mind, without any entanglement from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Moreover, cycling is also a light sport activity, helping us to exercise.

After a period of cycling, many group members of mine have significantly improved their health; their blood pressure is stabilized, while the indexes of blood sugar and blood fat, etc., are pushed back to safe threshold, and they also gradually achieve their fit body.

Furthermore, every cycling trip is also an exciting tour, giving us unexpected discoveries of the destinations, including cultural and historical relics, landscapes, and natural attractions, etc.

“Having been in Hue for a long time, but one could not imagine that Hue has so many good places,” many people sincerely said.

The cycling experience is also an experience of a slow and elegant lifestyle, so as to know how to listen, feel the rhythm of life, and appreciate the Mother Nature, etc. All of a sudden, I feel extremely in love with each wheel, and also with my dear life!