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18/06/2019 - 11:10

Resurge International – The United States:

Examining and counseling for surgery for more than 200 cases of birth defects

On June 17, Hue Central Hospital Base 2 (Phong An, Phong Dien) coordinated with the team of doctors and experts of Resurge International - the United States to organize the program of examining and counseling for surgeries for patients with cleft lip and cleft palate; ptosis, burnt scars, syndactyly fingers or syndactyly toes in the Central and Central Highlands.

Examining and screening children with birth defects for surgery

Expected to be completed on June 28, the program is planned to examine, monitor and provide treatment regimens for more than 200 cases. Thereby, the team will screen about 100 qualified cases that have enough health conditions to have surgery.

According to doctors, the defects of the lips and palate slit will make the faces of children deformed, affecting their looks. These defects also make it difficult for babies to be breastfed, or they may choke when eating, suffer from slow physical development and speech disorders.

The timely and technically correct surgical treatment will help children improve their looks, avoid breastfed disorders and eating disorders, create favorable conditions for pronunciation ... This is an activity implemented for several years in Hue Central Hospital with humanitarian meaning, to alleviate pain and to bring smiles to the children with defects, help them build confidence to develop and integrate into the community.

Resurge International - The United States is the first international humanitarian organization to provide humanitarian reconstruction surgery in developing countries, mostly focusing on children with cleft lip and palate and burnt scar...

By Minh Van