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12/06/2022 - 09:16

Exhibition of 32 replicas of the Nguyen Dynasty’s Gold Seal

"Replicas of the Nguyen Dynasty’s Gold Seal" is an exhibition organized by Hue Monuments Conservation Center and opened on the afternoon of June 10 at Ngu Phung floor, Ngo Mon and Imperial Citadel, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the center.

The presence of the gold seal replicas of the Nguyen Dynasty allows visitors to understand more about an antique associated with the process of state administration and management under the Nguyen Dynasty

The exhibition displays 32 seals, made of gilded ceramic based on the specimens of the Nguyen Dynasty gold seals preserved at the Vietnam History Museum, including the Hoang De Ton Than Chi Bao Seal, the Sac Menh Chi Bao Seal, Te Gia Chi Bao Seal, and the Seals of Empress Dowagers, Royal Concubines, Crown Princes...

All of the seals are products from the talented hands of People's Artist Tran Do, from Bat Trang pottery village, Hanoi. He is a person who has made many contributions in restoring, preserving, and promoting the quintessence of famous Bat Trang pottery in Vietnam, bringing Bat Trang ceramic products to participate in Hue Festivals.

These 32 seals are also a gift from People's Artist Tran Do to Hue heritage site, to serve the purpose of display at the monuments. On this occasion, the artist also gave away 6 replicated pairs of jars for additional display in the mausoleum spaces.

Gold and jade seals are national treasures. During its 143 years of existence, the Nguyen Dynasty made more than 100 seals, usually cast in gold, silver, or crafted from precious gems (jade seals). Unfortunately, some of the seals were stolen or destroyed. The remaining 85 seals (made from materials of gold, jade, and silver) are now kept at the Vietnam History Museum.

By Minh Hien