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13/01/2018 - 09:18

Exhibition of 67 students’ artworks

67 artworks, many among them inspired by the reality of ordinary life, have been displayed at the 2018 Students’ Art Exhibition from January 9-15 at University of Arts, Hue University.

The exhibition introduces to the public the best artworks of students. Photo: Minh Hien

The exhibition is organized by the Students Association of University of Arts, Hue University to introduce to the public typical artworks of students in the past year.

The artists, whose artworks displayed at the exhibition, are awarded certificates. Photo: Minh Hien

These artworks are about the remembrance of grandmother’s face, the regret of the beauty of a dying flower, the sympathy for victims of Agent Orange, or just the beautiful sunshine in a street corner, etc., which bring many emotions to the audience. They are not expressed with many material techniques, as the artists use the academic and traditional materials to create aesthetic values for the artworks.