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16/08/2022 - 18:28

Exhibition of breeds launched

On the afternoon of August 15, an exhibition with dozens of “sculpture” works of breeds with all materials from wood, ceramic, bronze, and iron... has just been opened to the audience at the Huong River Museum of Ancient Pottery (120 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, Hue City).

These are the works of a group of 4 artists, including Le Minh Tri, Le Ngoc Thuan, Vu Huu Nhung and Le Thiet Cuong.

A corner of the breeds on display at the exhibition

Regardless of the material, the artists give viewers a new perspective in preserving traditional values ​​on the basis of promoting new modernities in creativity. They can be wooden buffaloes, cows, pigs or ceramic horses.

Also present at this exhibition are 6 guest artists: Nguyen Nhu Duc, Pham Tran Quan, Hoang Phuong Lien, Nguyen Hong Phuong, Phuong Binh and Nguyen Thanh Hai. Just like that, the exhibition is like a duet of shapes and colors.

The exhibition runs until the end of August.

By N.Minh