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13/06/2022 - 22:12

Exhibition on Copenhagen - the city of bikes

"Copenhagen - A livable city - A city of bicycles" is the theme of an exhibition organized by the Provincial Institute for Research and Development in collaboration with the Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam, taking place at Quốc Học Memorial Stele in Hue from June 7th to 14th.

The exhibition displays 18 panels, featuring the daily life of the Copenhagen people with their bicycles and the city’s urban development landmarks. These images demonstrate the city’s efforts over the past 20 years to become more livable and cyclist-friendly.

The exhibition also suggests that popularizing bicycles as a means of transport will contribute to promoting Hue to become a civilized and happy tourist city - A city of greenness, cleanliness, safety, and environmental friendliness.

By Minh Hien