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18/06/2022 - 22:47

Exhibition space “Some documents about Ao Dai Hue - past and present” opened

This activity is organized by Hue city Center of Culture, Information and Sports on the morning of June 17 to celebrate the Hue four-seasons Festival 2022 and contribute more materials to build the brandname “Hue - The capital of Ao dai Vietnam”.

Introducing on "Ao dai Hue - past and present"

Ao Dai Hue is part of the general flow of the history of Ao Dai Vietnam development. However, the impact of history, nature and cultural exchange... has formed a distinct nuance of Ao dai Hue. For women, the Ao dai is an outfit that honors the discreet and gentle beauty, exalting the charming and elegant beauty of Hue woman, while Ao dai for man is the costume manifesting its solemn and elegant features, making an important contribution to the soul and character of a man.

Taking place from June 17 to July 17 at 23 - 25 ​​Le Loi street, the exhibition space gathers more than 40 sets of Ao dai Hue tin the past and at present, in order to honor and promote the values ​​of the Ao Dai, turning Ao dai Hue into a symbol of women's and men's costumes, honoring the beauty of traditional culture and the grace, as well as the elegance of the Ancient Capital people.

By Thanh Huong