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17/06/2019 - 11:05

Experience making Truc Chi paintings

On June 16, children from Hoa Sen Private Social Protection Center had an interesting experience at Truc Chi Garden (at No. 5 Thach Han St., Hue City).

Guiding children to create Truc Chi paintings

This was a creative experience in the framework of “the First Truc chi Day” on its 3rd year - 2019 organized by the Vietnamese Trucchigraphy and was an opportunity for children to experience and discover their creativity with Truc Chi - a new cultural value of Hue, Vietnam.

In the company of Truc Chi artists, children were guided and introduced to Trucchigraphy where they experienced the making process including painting, pulp shaking, and Truc Chi printmaking to create original Truc Chi artworks. This would be their memorable experiences during the summer.

Painter Phan Hai Bang, creator of Trucchigraphy, shared: "The first Truc Chi Day" is the first day you get to know and practice Trucchigraphy. This was the activity initiated from the exhibition "Truc Chi – The Zeroth Km" in 2017. The program is an opportunity for those who were born and raised in the ancient capital of Hue and those who love and feel attached to this place to experience and discover Trucchigraphy. People will experience and discover not only a new form of visual art but also a special feature of Hue cultural values ​​– from which Trucchigraphy was born, through the study of space, and eventually create their own original piece of art.” 

"The First Truc Chi Day" also takes place on the following Sundays of June 23, June 30 and July 7. The program is completely free of charge and is open for everyone.

Some photos of children from Hoa Sen Private Social Protection Center experiencing Truc Chi, taken by Thua Thien Hue Online:

Children from Hoa Sen Private Social Protection Center learning about Truc Chi art

Sketching paintings after understanding the fundamentals of Truc Chi art

Bamboo is stewed and ground into pulp

Shaking the mold filled with bamboo pulp

Crafting a pre-molded pattern for the artwork

Excited with Trucchigraphic printmaking – an important stage in shaping the artwork.

The children’s foster dad from France trying to record his memorable experiences with Truc Chi

Filled with joy when holding a self-made artwork.

News, photos: Trang Hien