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13/12/2017 - 08:16

Experiences with Truc Chi

Young people are having the opportunity to experience and make Truc Chi at "The Journey of Truc Chi" workshop, taking place from December 9-16.

Artist Phan Hai Bang (right) introduces Truc Chi art

This is an interesting activity of the Vietnam Truc Chi Art project. The project is based on the concept of turning paper from a background into an artwork.

The workshop participants are 37 students of the University of Arts and the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sciences - Hue University, as well as artists living, studying and working in Hue. After artist Phan Hai Bang, the founder of Truc Chi introduces this art and the trucchigraphy, artists and students experience making Truc Chi paintings at 5 Thach Han street and the University of Arts at 10 To Ngoc Van street, Hue city.

An experience with Truc Chi

The artworks made during the workshop will be displayed in "The Journey of Truc Chi" exhibition scheduled to open on December 25 at Imperial hotel.

Story and photos: Trang Hien