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12/07/2020 - 17:01

Experiencing "ancient village" market fair

On 11/7, the Management Board of Phuoc Tich Ancient Village held an "ancient village" market fair with the participation of numerous people in Phuoc Tich village.

A display of products made from environmentally friendly bàng grass from Pho Trach

Coming to this Fair, local people and visitors can experience and enjoy the dishes made by the people of the village, such as: noodles, spring rolls, plain-rice flan, bánh canh (a type of thick noodle soup), crispy dumplings, phu thê cakes, rice cakes, soft drinks and other agricultural products ... Tourists can buy and bring back products from the village such as jackfruits, figs, pomelos, grapefruits, coconuts, pineapples, bananas, beans, shallots, lotus and etc. At the same time, visitors can enjoy the products made from bàng grass from Pho Trach village (Phong Binh, Phong Dien), enjoy lotus tea, bean cakes of Hue Viet Organic Co., Ltd. In addition, coming to the fair, visitors will be immersed in the folk games of this countryside, such as: breaking earthen pots blindfolded, catching ducks blindfolded...

Mr. Nguyen Viet Bang, a resident of Hai Lang district (Quang Tri) confided: I heard that Phuoc Tich Ancient Village had a village fair, so my friends and I came here early in the morning. Coming here, besides visiting ancient houses and peaceful gardens, we also enjoyed many delicious dishes and strange products made by the people in the village. The products here are very diverse. I hope the upcoming market fairs will be held on a larger scale, bringing many typical products of other regions for visitors to enjoy and experience.

Mr. Doan Quyet Thang, Deputy Head of Phuoc Tich Ancient Village Management Board, said that this is the second time a market fair has been held. In the future, we will hold regular, periodic fairs with the frequency of 2 times a month. The fair is a response to Hue Festival 2020. At the same time, it can promote the tourism of Phuoc Tich Ancient Village to a large number of tourists from near and far.

Earlier in the morning of the same day, 200 officials and union members of the Labor Union of Phong Dien district had launched a "Green Sunday" to clean the village roads, alleys, relics of Phuoc Tich ancient village.

Here are some photographs taken at the “ancient village” market fair:

Marinate tea in lotus flowers and lotus products

People and tourists buy agricultural products from Phuoc Tich village

Turmeric noodles, a dish sold at the “ancient village” market fair

The cakes of Phuoc Tich village are popular with tourists

The game “bịt mắt đập om” (breaking earthen pots blindfolded) attracted students’ participation the most

The game “bịt mắt bắt vịt” (catching ducks blindfolded) brought refreshing laughter to the people and visitors 

The joy of catching a duck - whoever catches the duck will own it.

The union members of Phong Dien district participate in the "Green Sunday" in Phuoc Tich Ancient Village

Story and photos: Hai Hue – Thu Hien