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08/02/2021 - 07:32

Experiencing the old Tet through "The old flavor of Tet cakes" 

In the welcoming atmosphere of the traditional New Year, on the morning of February 6, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre organized the program "The old flavor of Tet cakes" with many colorful experiences of past Tet traditions.

The program is reminiscent of the old Tet colors

The space "The old flavor of Tet cakes" is filled with spring colors such as traditional costumes, calligraphy poems and spring flowers. Local residents and visitors can experience the Tet holiday atmosphere through the chung cake and tet cake making competition of teams from the Hue Monuments Conservation Center.

In the bustling atmosphere of the chau van songs, the Hue Singing melodies, and songs about Hue and spring, the royal New Year atmosphere is re-enacted through court games: do xam huong (a game with dices and cards), bai vu (a game with an eight-sided dice), dau ho (throwing an arrow into a bottle), performing calligraphy and giving calligraphy words...

After the ritual of releasing the aspirations to the sky with wishes such as New Year’s happiness, peaceful happiness, peace of mind and strength to overcome challenges, etc., Hue Monuments Conservation Center conducted the procession of offering cakes at The Mieu.

The program was meant as a start to the new spring, reminiscent of the old Tet's flavor.

Below are some images captured at the program " The old flavor of Tet cakes":

Recreating the Tet atmosphere in the palace

Chung cake and tet cake making competition

The smoky cooking pots evoking the Tet holiday atmosphere

The procession of offering cakes to the ancestors

Offerings to pay respects to the former kings

Tet atmosphere was more bustling with the spring melodies

The old Tet re-enacted through the royal court game dau ho

Bai vu game

Do xam huong

The Calligrapher Nguyen Phuoc Hai Trung performing calligraphy and giving words of good wishes

Sending New Year's wishes to the sky

Story and photos: Minh Hien