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28/08/2018 - 20:30

Experimenting Successfully on Artificial Reproduction of Jarbua Terapons

That was a result of the research project on feeding and experimenting on stimulating artificial reproduction of jarbua terapons, which was carried out by Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry.

The project was officially checked and took over by the Provincial level Science and Technology Projects Acceptance Council on the afternoon of August 27.

Jarbua terapons consumed in the market are mainly exploited from nature. However, the production has been continuously decreased due to the overexploitation in the form of extermination. Jarbua terapons bring in high economic values; and this is the first time Jarbua terapons have been researched for artificial reproduction in Hue.

The work of researching and experimenting artificial reproduction of jarbua terapons aims to build the breed production process for this object to supply for local people and the consumers from surrounding areas.

The acceptance council highly appreciated the result of the project, acknowledged the reliability of the data and believed that there would be good results when transferring knowledge and technology to the farmers.

By Dong Van