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15/08/2022 - 06:57

Exquisite cloud ceiling murals

Beautiful, unique and requiring the artist's technical skills, cloud ceiling murals have become a trend, bringing to the living space an interesting decorative option.

This line of paintings requires skillful workmanship and technique

Growing up with mountains and trees in her childhood, Ms. Kim Anh (Hue City) always wanted to bring nature into her home. She said: “I love living under the high blue sky, even when resting at home. Therefore, a painting of nature that is harmonious and fresh on the ceiling, and also in the living room, and in the bedroom is what I always wanted.”

Therefore, instead of the conventional ceiling, wood paneling or plaster ceiling, Ms. Kim Anh chose cloud ceiling murals to create a feeling of relaxation and comfort to decorate her living space.

Her desire is also the demand of many customers when ordering paintings from artist Tran Ton Ngoc Thinh. Having pursued the profession of mural painting for many years, he said that cloud ceiling murals are one of the most popular paintings today.

“Trees, white floating clouds, the sun, and flying birds will replace the empty wall. Not only bringing a feeling of vastness, spaciousness, peace and relaxation, cloud ceiling murals also help create an open space with a "virtual" effect to increase the openness of the house," Ngoc Thinh shared.

Exquisite classic textures and patterns

The trend of this line of paintings depends on the style of each living space. In a garden villa, the owner often prefers modern, floral cloud ceiling murals. In contrast, with a castle-style house, the cloud ceiling murals will be arranged according to tones and patterns, classical paintings in general, and renaissance paintings in particular.

Nguyen Van Tien, a painter, who has 10 years of experience in painting murals, said: “Because each house has a different style, the cloud ceiling murals also change according to those styles. Specifically, there are modern, classic, 2D, 3D, landscape paintings... From there, there will be many choices for homeowners to find a style of paintings that suits their wishes and preferences."

Usually, when painting cloud ceiling murals, artists often prioritize using 3D painting techniques to create a large sky space, helping homeowners feel like they are lying under the real sky. "Suitable for the living room and bedroom space, this type of painting will be fully admired when family members rest, recline on the bed or the sofa," added Nguyen Van Tien.

Using acrylic colors with high durability which can last over 20 years, painting cloud ceiling murals is not too different from ordinary wall murals. But with a difficult position, height and special perspective, this line of paintings requires skillful workmanship and technique. In addition, with different characteristics of ceiling arches, way of thinking and way of designing patterns and textures of each house, there is no common denominator.

Therefore, cloud ceiling murals are often evaluated as works of art with high aesthetics, requiring the artist's creativity and meticulousness, as well as the house owner's ability to splurge.

In addition to creating a unique aesthetic effect, combined with items and furniture such as chandeliers, fans..., cloud ceiling murals also help to increase harmony, evoking a delicate space for the home.

The painter Ngoc Thinh analyzed: "Currently popular in Hue, cloud ceiling murals are one of the choices that help cover up the blank wall, showing the style and personality of the owner of the house. Thus, all members can enjoy a relaxing, comfortable and artistic space right within their home."

Story: MAI HUE. Photos: provided by the characters in the article