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25/12/2019 - 07:19

Extending "Dreamy Eyes"

Ms. Phan Thi Lich is an extra in the movie. Her house is close to Bao La rattan and bamboo cooperative, which was chosen as the setting for the scenes of Do Do Primary School.

The "lonely" tree in "Dreamy Eyes" becomes "hot" with young people. Photo: MINH KIET

Since the launch of the movie poster and trailer for "Dreamy Eyes" - a movie adaptation of the famous short story of the same name written by Nguyen Nhat Anh, many visitors started looking for the parasol tree in Ha Cang village, Quang Phu commune, Quang Dien district. Thousands of selfie photos, wedding photos with the lonely tree ... appeared on social networks. And it is lovely that the friendly local people greet guests with a big smile.

You would be directed or taken to the place. People also cleaned the area around the lonely tree. There was even a group of young people who went to the sugarcane field to take pictures and were given sugarcane when they left.

I heard the villagers chatting lively on the sugarcane fields and the foot of the dyke. They talked about how the movie was not out in theaters yet, but many people had come to the village to take pictures. They talked about how suddenly Ha Cang village had become famous and that they should not charge anything or do not do tourism business here. They told each other to let the visitors be comfortable and to remind the young visitors to preserve the landscape when they come here to have fun with photography ...

Ms. Phan Thi Lich is an extra in the movie. Her house is close to Bao La rattan and bamboo cooperative, which was chosen as the setting for the scenes of Do Do Primary School. She sells sugarcane juice in this area and becomes an "involuntary guide" when guests visit the Do Do School.

She recounted the shooting of the movie, how the young actors and actresses acted, what the stalls in front of the school sold in the movie... These behind-the-scene stories captivated the visitors who came to take pictures.  

The movie "Dreamy Eyes" has completed filming and through its fanpage, the first images were published. Many people have flocked to find the shooting locations. Near the day of the premiere, the anticipation rose high. Early VIP show times had been reserved a week in advance.

The Young Publishing House republished "Dreamy Eyes" on the day of its release on December 19, accompanied by a beautiful notebook of beautiful images from the movie. The extras who participated in "Dreamy Eyes" were even more eager, wanting to watch the movie in order to see what they look like, and how beautiful Hue is in the movie.

Victor Vu, the director, and the crew released many trailers before the premiere of "Dreamy Eyes". He dedicated much love to the people and the land that contributed to the movie's success. In the previous interview, the overseas Vietnamese director shared the reason for bringing 70% of the footage back to Hue because it gathered many favorable factors and was suitable for the movie content.

Near the day of the premiere, he said, “My feelings were both anxious and excited. I didn’t think this movie would leave me with so much emotion. I hope that the audience will sympathize with the simplicity of Dreamy Eyes, because we, the actors and the crew have made the movie with so much love and sincerity!”

In the past few days, when we visited the beautiful village that was included in the movie scenes, we saw how the local people "extended" the vitality of the "Dreamy Eyes" movie. We heard of the hospitality the local people showed to the crew, and how they turned themselves into "friendly ambassadors" to welcome guests, including the idea of retaining the small spaces, turning it into a "brand" attached to the cinematic world…

For those who work in tourism business, this is an opportunity to take a chance to promote tourism. The tourism industry had set orientations since Hue became the setting for many movies this year. As the extension of "Dreamy Eyes" is not merely memories, photos, or stories, they, hopefully, can be realized as tangible tourism products, like the setting of the "Yellow flowers on the green grass" movie. And I think that this is not just my own wish!