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01/07/2019 - 08:30

Fervent with “River of Poetry”

“River of Poetry,” the poem book by Huong Giang Poetry Group, published in 2018, is valued for its gentle, fervent and vibrant tone, showing the poets’ full and endless love.

Huong Giang Poetry Festival left a good impression on poetry lovers. 

(Documentary photo: River of Poetry and Poetry Flower for Uncle Ho) 

For nearly 40 years, those who love poetry in Hue have come together to recite their joys and sorrows through poems, forming a poetry group called Huong Giang, named after the poetic river. Up to now, Huong Giang Poetry Group has over 100 members, grouped into 5 subgroups: Ngu Binh, Nam Song Huong (Southern Perfume River), Bac Song Huong (Northern Perfume River), Noi Thanh (Citadel) and Tam Giang.

In 2018, Huong Giang Poetry Group continued with many activities such as “Far-Off Hai Van”, organized on peak of Hai Van Pass, the activity on Vietnam Poetry Day on the occasion of Nguyen Tieu Festival at Tinh Tam Kim Co, Huong Giang Tri ngo at Hue XQ Embroidery Museum on the occasion of 2018 Hue Festival.

The group organizes regular traditional programs such as Missing Uncle Ho on May 19 at Ho Chi Minh Museum, the poetry day welcoming Independence Day (Sept. 2) at Hue University and many other meaningful activities. 

It should be noted that the composing movement is still thriving. Many members published their own books of poetry, either first books or other books. They also contributed their favorite poems to the poetry collection entitled “Childhood River.”

Huong Giang Poetry Festival left a good impression on poetry lovers. 

(Documentary photo: River of Poetry and Poetry Flower for Uncle Ho) 

This collection contains 252 poems by 90 poets three of which have been set to music. Themes and genres are diverse. The good thing is that though most of the authors are amateur poets, they know how to combine art and politics in harmony.

With the poetry book, we can see the authors’ deep love for poetry and their faithful emotion before beautiful sights of the ancient capital. The beautiful river of Perfume has become their main inspiration. There are many beautiful and touching poems about their love for the country and their memories with friends, teachers, relatives, comrades and colleagues.

Outstanding are the poets’ belief and hopefulness for the spring or poems by old people. Some poems record far-off memories, both happy and sad, of the childhood on the field, at school, on the village roads. Many poems are about the predecessor, the national heroes, the Communist Party, beloved Uncle Ho and others with gratitude and pride.

The poetry book of 2018 contains poetry by senior devoted poets who are in their 80s, 90s, even 100 years old. Despite their old ages, their poems are smooth, full of living and optimism. 90-to-be Nguyen Ngoc (Ton Nu Minh Chau) wrote: “Non song nhu mong gam hoa / Danh lam thang canh Hue ta tuyet voi,” (“Our nation is so beautiful like a dream / Relics and sights in our Hue are wonderful.”) Besides, there are younger poets filled with creativity and with their new styles. They all contribute to “River of Poetry” with their gentle, passionate and vibrant tone, showing their full and endless love.


By Phan Cong Tuyen