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01/10/2020 - 14:07

Festival of Hip-hop and Unicorn dance to be held in Hue in late 2020

To stimulate tourism, Hue will hold the Hue Hip-hop Festival 2020 and Hue Unicorn dance Festival 2020 at the end of this year.

Hue Unicorn dance Festival 2020 will take place by the end of December (Photo: Hue Unicorn dance Festival 2019)

The two festivals are important activities to stimulate domestic tourism, supporting the tourism sector in recovering right in and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Hip-hop Hue Festival 2020 will be held at 3/2 Park (Nha Ken area), Le Loi street, Hue city from October 31 to November 1. There are various activities in the Hue Hip-hop Festival 2020 such as Workshop/Dance Camp to exchange with the guests who have influences on the Hip-hop Culture of Vietnam and the world. Besides, there will be kiosks displaying and trading products related to the programs, as well as the kiosks of sponsors; and accompanying activities such as drawing Graffiti, Skateboarding, and the performances of dance teams, etc.

The main activities of Hue Hip-hop Festival 2020 are the competitions (Main Stage) between the main Hip-hop genres (Poppin 1vs1, Hip-hop 1vs1, Kid Dance Battle, Street dance Team Battle: City vs City), and the performances of the visiting guests.

The Hue Unicorn Dance 2020 will take place at Nghinh Luong Dinh, with two competition rounds including Mai Hoa Thung dance competition taking place on December 26 and Lan Dia Buu round on December 27. The judges will score according to the international rules, basing on the difficulty of the dance, drum beats, and the contents, ideas in each performance.

Previously, the two festivals were scheduled to be held in August and September 2020. However, because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, these events were to be postponed until the end of the year.

Story, photo: Duc Quang