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08/05/2021 - 06:54

Fine arts exhibition themed “Dialogue”

From May 6th to 16th at the University of Fine Arts, an exhibition named "Dialogue" introduces to the public 36 works by lecturers from the host university and Bundit-patta-na-sil-pa Institute from Thailand.

The artworks explore the theme of COVID-19 prevention, nature, people, and culture through different artforms including sculpture, painting, graphics on varying materials such as oil paint, lacquer, or trúc chỉ, thereby, reflecting “a dialogue” of culture between the two countries Vietnam and Thailand.

The exhibition is an international cooperation activity between the University of Fine Arts, Hue University and the Faculty of Fine Arts from Bunditpattanasilpa Institute from Thailand held alternately every 2 years between the two institutions.

By Trang Hien