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29/05/2022 - 21:20

First cultural-industrial Fair ever takes place in Hue 

Vietnam Summer Fair 2022, a cultural-industrial fair which was held by the Provincial Institute for Research and Development opened on May 28 at 53 Nguyen Hue Street, Hue City. Attending the program was Secretary of the City Party Committee Phan Thien Dinh.

Vietnam Summer Fair 2022 introducing products exploiting and applying Vietnamese cultural elements

The fair space gathers 30 member units coming from three regions of the country such as Phap Lam Hue (Hue enameled Art), Maypaperflower, Dai Viet Patterns, Bleu de Hue, Hoa Tien Brocade, etc.

These are the units that have shaped their brand names, exploited and applied Vietnamese cultural elements in product development, with the criterion of upholding creativity and innovation, which is expected to be the foundation to promote the development towards the cultural industry of the province in particular and Vietnam in general.

Taking place in two days from May 28 – 29, in the framework of the event, there will be many special cultural experiencing activities from the stalls, folk games, as well as the discussions with experts, and a gala night with art performances, etc.

On May 28, the seminar on “Creative starting up from national traditional cultural materials” emphasized the importance of creative and innovative start-ups in promoting traditional cultural values. The delegates also made discussions on the process of applying and spreading national traditional cultural values through services and products produced by creative start-ups, etc.

Some photos at Vietnam Summer Fair 2022 taken by Thua Thien Hue Online:

The Fair is a place for young start-ups to introduce cultural products

Bleu de Hue with their ceramic products

Discovering Champa culture through Cham brocade products

The Fair is also a place for promoting products made by Hue brand names. In the photo is the displaying space of Phap Lam Hue, one of the heritages from the Nguyen Dynasty

Grandma Tri Hue with the Hue royal multi-fold pillows

Many people are interested in Dem bang Pho Trach  (Lepironia articulata mat) products

Learning about Kieu Tarot at the stall of Comicola

A great number of culture-loving people coming for experiencing the products

An experience of wearing ancient costumes

Saving the interesting moments at the first cultural industrial fair ever in Hue

By Minh Hien