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01/07/2021 - 09:54

Flowers and kids 

It is always full of excitement for adults when looking at the carefree and funny faces of kids. The cute faces and the poses of the little girls with the flowers will surely "captivate" any viewer.

Hue News would like to introduce a series of photos about the innocent and cute facial expressions of the kids, taken by Trung Phan, a photographer, in Kim Long canola flower garden, Thuy Bieu lily garden, sunflowers in Khe Ngang lake, lotus flower pond at Emperor Gia Long's mausoleum, and An Hien garden house.

To capture these lovely photos, the photographer Trung Phan has spent more than a month traveling to many beautiful flower gardens in Hue…                                                                

Begonia flowers in An Hien garden house

Sunflowers in Khe Ngang lake

Canola flowers in Kim Long

Lily flowers in Thuy Bieu

Lotus flowers at Emperor Gia Long's mausoleum

Plumeria flowers at An Nhien Garden

Kim Long Canola flower garden

By Hue News