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16/09/2017 - 08:07

For Hue to sparkle at night

Art lighting of Hue’s architectures, monuments, landscape spaces contributes to create the impression of the city at night.

The Meridian Gate is art-lit

The city is not only concerned with increasing the intensity of lighting, but also pay attention to its quality, especially in terms of art in urban lighting.

This can be seen in the lighting in the parks on the banks of the Huong river, in front of the Meridian Gate, and ancient architectures such as the gates of Hien Nhon and Chuong Duc, the Pavilion of Edicts, Quoc Hoc Stele... especially the Five-Phoenix Pavilion-The Meridian Gate (Hue Royal Palace).

The project of lighting the Meridian Gate is financed by Lotte Vietnam Company Ltd. after the restoration of the gate completed in 2015, with a total budget of more than VND 2 billion. Thanks to the usage of state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, Hue Royal Palace becomes eye-catching at night, ensuring the fine art elements of lighting. Bright and dark contrasts through the layout of lights feature the unique of the Meridian Gate.

Hue Greenery Parks Center and Hue Urban Environment and Public Works State Limited Company (HEPCO) have also explored and designed decorative lighting in main streets, public spaces such as monuments, parks, green spots... The city has always considered the suitable lighting designs, which are energy saving and aesthetic.

However, the art lighting in Hue is still not really impressive, because the roads and parks in the city have not had the design as well as the scenarios of lighting for each area, each different time, so that the lighting has not really created the images of an impressive, unique and characteristic city at night.

Hue's People Committee is promoting the project of lighting system on Truong Tien bridge to replace the current lighting system, which is nearly 15 years old and in a state of degradation.

The city has invited experienced domestic and foreign consulting units to set up design options, in order to ensure a quality lighting design that meet both technical and aesthetic elements, highlighting the landscapes of this architectural symbol as well as the surrounding space.

Along with the above project, the city is also planning to launch a lighting project in the park area surrounding the Imperial Citadel, so as to create an impressive space in the Citadel to exploit nightlife entertainment activities inside and outside the Citadel.

The project of parquet pedestrian bridge connecting the southern bank of the Huong river also emphasizes the light factor. The design perspective of this project shows that a very unique, sparkling and special pedestrian space near the Huong river will be created at night when it is completed.

Most recently, Viettravel company has just announced the idea of ​​lighting project of Hue Flag Tower in front of the Provincial People's Committee headquarters, with the desire to contribute to turning the Flag Tower into an architectural highlight of the Ancient capital of Hue nightly.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Chairman of Hue's People Committee said that the investment in the lighting system at Truong Tien bridge and the surrounding area of ​​the Imperial City was very important, contributing to improving lighting quality, creating the impression of Hue city. After the construction of sightseeing stops is finished, the city will turn Truong Tien bridge into a pedestrian bridge linking the pedestrian streets of Chu Van An-Pham Ngu Lao-Vo Thi Sau with Thuong Bac park and the food street in Dong Ba market.

Story and photo: Quang Phong