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11/05/2019 - 07:57

Forming An Van Duong Model Urban Area

From the rice-growing land, so far, An Van Duong New Urban Area (NUA) has become a modern urban area with big routes, synchronous infrastructure, and high-rise buildings in close proximity.

Appearance of An Van Duong New Urban Area

Existing urban connection

Mr. Hoang Tien Minh, Director of the provincial Management Board of Urban Development Area (MBUDA) recalled that the first period of implementing An Van Duong NUA planning was that of financial difficulties and frozen real estate (from 2008 to 2013); therefore, the development of An Van Duong NUA in that period was almost very slow, mainly infrastructure investment from the small budget of the province. Some investors who have been selected to invest in that NUA also temporarily stopped investment because of financial difficulties.

In 2014, when real estate and economy had undergone some changes, An Van Duong NUA began to show good signs. After a period of suspension, the projects started implementation; the infrastructure invested by the province is also at the completion stage, creating a relatively prosperous appearance.

An Cuu City New Urban Area

The connection routes between NUAs are almost completed and put into use. Among them, it can be mentioned that the route has a section of 56m from Thuy Duong - Thuan An road to An Cuu NUA; Truong Chinh route extends to Thuy Duong - Thuan An road and To Huu road to Thuy Duong - Thuan An road; The provincial road 10A has a section of 36m (the section from Highway 49 to Thuy Duong - Thuan An intersection)...

The routes above connect the existing urban area with the NUA and connect the Thuy Duong - Thuan An route with the urban routes. Therefore, the distance between the new urban area and the main streets in the area can be shortened, creating a complete technical infrastructure system for the projects calling for investment.

Lying along To Huu route, the NUA seems to be markedly shaped with many high-rise projects being invested. Right at the gateway is The Manor Crown Project gradually taking shape with low-rise villas completed and put into use, high-rise buildings under construction. From here, one can view the new apartment blocks sprouting like Vicoland, Aranya, Xuan Phu, or Phu My An NUA and so on.

Vicoland Apartment Block

This is also a vibrant area with high liquidity on the real estate map. Currently, the prices of foundation lots in the planning areas of An Van Duong NUA stay high, increase by 2 or even 3 times than in early 2018. Therefore, the projects in NUA, commercial houses and social houses also have high liquidity and are a welcome point for big investors.

Expanding Hue urban space

One of the highlights of An Van Duong NUA development in recent years has been the capital source to invest in this NUA. If in 2017, the investment in NUA reached only 48%, equivalent to VND 1,090 / 2,292 billion, in 2018 this figure reached 71% with VND 1,599 billion.

To date, An Van Duong NUA and the surrounding area have had 56 projects approved by the provincial People's Committee, of which, 27 projects with off-budget capital are implemented by the investors, and 29 remaining projects are for building head offices, schools, and settlements.

The Director of the provincial MBUDA said that with the target of forming a model urban area, a modern ecological urban area, contributing greatly to Hue urban space expansion, the adjustment of planning and planning development is seen an important factor in investment attraction. In planning, great importance should be attached to the connection of synchronous infrastructure in electricity, water, telecommunications, transport, green trees and sidewalks.

Area of ​​about 2,100 ha

Dong Nam Thuy An and An Cuu City NUAs are known as the first NUAs to be granted the investment certificate in 2004-2005. These are viewed as the first small-scale urban areas to lay the foundation for the provincial People's Committee to approve the general planning of An Van Duong NUA with an area of ​​about 2,100 ha.

Each urban area will have a highlight synchronous in technical infrastructure towards a model, smart, sustainable city ensuring adequate medical, educational institutions, amusement parks, cultural services for the project scale and surrounding areas and so on. Urban and residential areas basically meet the requirements of house model design appraised and approved by the Department of Construction, serving as a basis for management of landscape architecture and construction order.

The planning work is well carried out; the infrastructure is synchronous, and the investment research projects in new urban areas undergo continuous changes. In 2018 alone, there were more than 54 investors interested in, 34 of whom were approved by the Provincial People's Committee in investment research policy.

Notably, there are many typical big investors interested in such as FLC Group Joint Stock Company, Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment Joint Stock Company, TNG Hoiding Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company, Sovico Group and so on.

"In the short term, the provincial MBUDA is cooperating with departments and branches to call for investment and instruct investors to do procedures. Particularly, attention should be given to completing the planning of subdivision planning projects and detailed planning projects for urban management work in the area, to completing processes and procedures for selecting investors to implement investment projects with land use in the area. Heed should also be given to synchronous investment in technical infrastructure, social infrastructure, parks, green trees, educational and medical institutions ... to create favorable conditions for investors to implement projects, forming the basis for  promoting the call for investment, ” Mr. Hoang Tien Minh shared.

Story and photos: Hoang Thao Nguyen