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24/10/2017 - 17:11

Free breast cancer screening for 700 women

As a part of the free breast cancer screening campaign for women after the age of 40, launched by the Ministry of Health from October 14 to November 11, Hue Central Hospital in collaboration with Cancer Support Fund - Bright tomorrow (Ministry of Health) have screened about 700 cases in the locality on Saturdays from October 21.

Screening and counseling  for signs of breast cancer at Hue Central Hospital

On this occasion, experienced doctors in the field of oncology of Hue Central Hospital with modern equipments do screening and ultrasound on breasts, and counsel women to do breast self-exam at home, recognize abnormal signs and go to specialized treatment facilities in time... On the first day of the launch, Hue Central Hospital examined and screened nearly 200 cases.

By Minh Van