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31/05/2018 - 15:55

Free Eye Surgery for a Laotian

Hue Eye Hospital just provided free surgery to regain the eye vision for a Laotian, Mrs. Nang Khu (61 years old).

Pre-cataract surgery Treatment for Ms. Khu at Hue Eye Hospital

A week ago, Hue Eye Hospital admitted Mrs. Nang Khu (61 years old) from Ta Oi District, Salavan Province, with blurred  eyes. It was her hard life, old age and frequent illnesses that led to the condition but she couldn’t afford to have it treated.

Her husband brought his wife to A Luoi District Health Center to have her eye examined. The doctors at the center advised  her to go to Hue Eye Hospital; however, all the money Mrs. Khu had was then only 40,000 kips (#110,000 VND).

The couple smiled leaving the hospital

As reported, Dr. Pham Minh Truong, Director of Hue Eye Hospital, welcomed Mrs Khu and her husband to the hospital and carried out the required procedures for free cataract surgery for her. In addition, the hospital also gave financial support for their transportation and food cost during the treatment.

After the surgery, Mrs. Khu still felt pain but she was extremely happy. On the discharge day, the couple babbled their sincere thanks to the hospital’s staff with the little bit of Vietnamese they had learned from Vietnamese soldiers whom they provided help to during the resistance war in Laos.

By Minh Truong