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23/08/2017 - 16:42

Free of charge traditional instrument classes taught by the Ca Hue Chamber club

The traditional instruments include: đàn tranh (16-chord zither), đàn bầu (a Vietnam’s indigenous monochord zither), đàn tỳ bà (a Vietnamese traditional plucked string instrument), đàn nhị (erhu - a Vietnamese bowed string instrument with two strings) are taught free of charge by the Ca Hue Chamber Music Club from Aug 22nd.

Đàn tranh classroom of the artist Quynh Nga - lecturer of the Arts and Culture High School.

Classes taught by two artists Hong Le and Quynh Nga of the Ca Hue Chamber Music Club aim to transmit the love of Ca Hue and traditional instruments for young people. Those who love traditional instruments can enroll in the classes, in which pupils, children with disabilities and people who have learned traditional instruments want to improve their skills will be given priority.

Study time is in the morning and afternoon  every Tuesday and Friday at the Hue Cultural Museum.

Story, photos: Trang Hien