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02/07/2020 - 17:02

French influence on the modernization of Vietnamese culture

This is the topic of the seminar organized by the French Institute in Hue and the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts in Hue on the evening of July 1.

The seminar attracts attention of the officers, intellectuals and students in Hue

With the participation of famous speakers, the seminar analyzed the influence of French culture on the formation of prose, on the development of National language and fine arts, etc.

Vietnamese literature, influenced by French literature, has been modernized in its form and ideology. Most of Vietnam's great notables, intellectuals and artists at the beginning of the century were strongly influenced by French culture and language.

Along with the colonial rule policy of the French colonialists on the political and social aspects, there were the impacts of French culture and education on the social life of Vietnam in the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century.

That influence is clearly shown in the field of architecture and construction, as well as in the birth of the university of medicine, university of art, etc. French culture and education also brought forward basic changes in the field of Vietnamese education about writing, school system, content of study program and examination mode ...

The seminar also mentioned the role of Emperor Thanh Thai with his desire to reform the country. He was the king to build Hue Central Hospital, Quoc Hoc High School and to expand the transportation system ...

Story and photo: Minh Hien