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03/10/2017 - 16:44

Full Moon Festival for children in difficult circumstances

More than 800 children with disabilities and orphans in difficult circumstances across the province participated in the "Full Moon Festival", organized by the Center for Children and Youth’s Activities in coordination with the Provincial Children's Sponsorship Fund on October 1, on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Having fun with Mooncakes, fruit and performances.

Participating in the program, the children not only enjoyed mooncakes and fruit, but they also had fun in the lantern parade, games, lion dance and exciting performances.

The program created for them a warm and happy children festival. Thereby, it has contributed to the encouragement of the children to have more confidence and energy to overcome difficulties, to excel in learning, to live and integrate with the community and to become good citizens for society.

Awarding scholarships to children with successful efforts in learning

On this occasion, the Provincial Center for Children and Youth’s Activities in cooperation with the donors awarded 21 scholarships worth more than 4 million VND to the children who had made successful efforts in learning.

Story, photo: Thanh Thao