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08/09/2019 - 17:38

Full-moon night and painting exhibition "Touch the Dream"

On the afternoon of September 7, Hoa Nang Child Development and Support Center and Tram Homestay jointly organized the program ‘Full-moon night and painting exhibition’ with the theme ‘Touch the Dream’ at 30 Mai Khac Don, Kim Long Ward, Hue City.

The children experiencing creative activities during the festival

In the bustling atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the children, mostly students of Hoa Nang Development and Support Center, immersed in the festival night with the vibrant drumming, with the hilarious scene of Chú Cuội (The Moon Boy) and Chị Hằng (The Moon Lady), joined the lantern parade and feasted on the banquet with full of laughter. They also took part in creative activities such as making lanterns, stringing beads, participating in trading and selling activities, etc.

On this occasion, the children also had a chance to discover the world of autistic children through the painting exhibition with the theme "Touching the Dream". The exhibition showcased 20 paintings of a boy named Dong Hung. He drew on things he felt about life such as landscapes, temples, tombs, and recreational activities of children.

Some of Dong Hung's paintings were printed on the shirts and bags for sale by Hoa Nang Children Development and Support Center to raise money for the center's community activities.

Story, photo: Minh Hien