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21/05/2021 - 20:42

Gentle beauty of lotus in summer 

With an elegant yet rustic beauty, the lotus symbolizes the nobleness, purity and indomitable will of the Vietnamese people.

The lotus flowers bloom brilliantly in the hot summer, spreading a mild and fresh fragrance that captivates people. Each lotus flower bud blooms, reaching out to get the glittering dewdrops and the sun's rays, creating a lively and peaceful picture.

Hue News would like to introduce to you a photo reportage on lotus by Trung Phan, a photographer, taken in Trieu Son Tay village, Kim Long (Hue city), La Chu (Huong Chu, Huong Tra), Phu My village (Phu Vang), Tomb of Emperor Gia Long, etc…

By Hue News


The girl and the lotus

Being shy by the rice field

Passionate scents

The lotus rises brilliantly, spreading its petals to welcome the morning sun

White lotuses contain pure beauty