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29/10/2017 - 17:13

Going hand-in-hand with Hue tourism

Traveloka Vietnam has signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with Thua Thien Hue Department of Tourism. According to the MoU, Traveloka will boost thepromotion of images of Hue tourism through online marketing, target and provide potential customers to Hue.Ms. Le Thi Thanh Van, Manager of Traveloka Vietnam gave Thua Thien Hue News correspondent an interview about the cooperation between the two parties in times to come.

Ms. Le Thi Thanh Van, Manager of Traveloka Vietnam

Can you please share something about Traveloka Vietnam with us?

Traveloka was established and has been in operation in Vietnam since March 2016.During such a short period of time, Traveloka has become one of the leading online travel agents in the country, and the users’ happy choice. Traveloka is currently the first-level sale agent of three airlines including Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific and Vietjet Air. When it comes to hotel booking services, Traveloka has established connection with more than 7,000 hotels in Vietnam .We promote Digital Marketing by using celebrity endorsement to disseminate "stunning" images of Vietnam.

Traveloka always offers solutions for convenient searching tools for online flight and hotel booking information to facilitate tourists.Traveloka’s message to our customers is “ We are your companion”.Traveloka always stimulates tourism since tourists’ engagement  and experiences in travelling bring people in communities all together ... If you have a close friend, travel with him/her to develop your ties of friendship. If your family members have been overworking, enjoy your family life with a special getaway.  Or you can choose solo travelling to earn new experiences.

Tourists experience farmer’s life at Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge

What are the reasons that bring Traveloka to Hue and cooperate with the local tourism department?

Government- private sector cooperation is an increasing popular trend in the world. To Traveloka,  this type of cooperation was first to be promoted in Vietnam.We think that  private businesses being partnerships with government agencies is like the problem 1 + 1, but the result is 3, not 2.This will help both parties achieve their goals; hence, further cooperation will be developed. The local department of tourism and Traveloka aim at the same target of stimulating tourism development, putting customers’ access to information about traveling and destinations at their ease.

Our business strategy is that the tourism authorities in Hue will act as consultants and sponsors for our programs.

Will there be any specific joint projects in the near future, Ma'am?

Before the signing ceremony, a number of programs had been launched to promote Hue tourism and promulgate some local and neighboring travel locations to Traveloka’s customers. We got amazingly good results of hundreds of thousands of views within a week.Accordingly, Traveloka realized that there is huge potential for tourism of Vietnam in general and within Hue in particular.

At the end of September and early October, two projects are going to be carried out exclusively for Hue, namely the “Traveloka interns’ adventure diary” and "Golocal" .“Traveloka interns’ adventure diary” is about young talents traveling to beautiful destinations, then sharing and giving other travel lovers instructions on similar trips. For example, if an intern travels to Hue, his/her shared information should cover splendid views, delicious foods, interesting activities to do, and good accommodations, demonstrated by vivid and attractive videos that are suitable for young people."Golocal" aims at encouraging local people to write about beautiful and unique places in Hue, offering Hue people  a great opportunity to introduce their charming hometown to others.

Traveloka wishes to help Hue widely disseminate their tourism products and services to many tourists.In return, Hue Department of tourism needs to take the initiative to contact Traveloka so we can orient tourists using Traveloka.

What  do you expect from this cooperation?

From what Traveloka has achieved both locally in Vietnam in a short time and internationally by using Digital Marketing to diversify forms of advertising, we believe we can help Hue to better promote tourism, creating both parties chances to develop. That Hue tourism increases will assist Traveloka in having more products, services to exploit. On the other hand, the thriving Traveloka will give Hue tourism more chances to get closer to their international counterparts.

When it comes to business, practicality and customers’ demands are always first to be considered. The efficiency of our services are measured by the number of viewers, hotel and flight reservations, and the number of people who like, leave their reviews. Also, the number of people who returned to leave their review a second time are counted.These statistics show us exactly what community’s demands are; and Traveloka will act accordingly.After each joint activity, the Department of tourism will be notified of all related statistics, then together we will figure out what to change and come up with ultimate solutions. Our primary goal is to stimulate chances in Hue tourism to fill customers’ needs.

Thank you for your talk.

            By DUC QUANG