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22/02/2018 - 17:33

Going to wrestling festival in Thu Le 

On the morning of February 21 (January 6 in lunar calendar), the Thu Le traditional wrestling festival held in Thu Le village, Sia town (Quang Dien district) attracted hundreds of visitors.

This year, nearly 100 male and female wrestlers compete in the wrestling festival, most of whom are high school students in Quang Dien district, with three contents: wrestling performances of two senior wrestlers and two professional female wrestlers; wrestling for junior high school students (under the age of 15); and wrestling for senior high school students and youth.

After the ritual, the wrestling festival started with the performance of two senior wrestlers and two professional female wrestlers in the shouting and cheering of visitors and the locals. After that, wrestlers who are students, Thu Le villagers and free wrestlers joined in their competitions.

The wrestling festival of Thu Le village has existed for hundreds of years. In the Nguyen dynasty, the festival was organized to select young and healthy men to defend the country. Nowadays, in addition to maintain and promote the tradition, as well as to wish a new year of good health and peace, this activity is also held to select qualified wrestlers to participate in the provincial championships.

Under the rules of national wrestling, wrestlers have to defeat their opponents by "knocking-out" them. Wrestlers also win two opponents in the qualifying rounds to enter the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, the wrestlers must defeat an opponent before reaching the final round.

As a result, the Organizing Committee awarded the first prize in the under-15 category to Huy, a student of Dang Dung Junior High School; the first prize in the youth category to Phan Luong Tri (from Quang Phuoc), the first prize in the free category to Nguyen Van Quang (from Hue city). Besides, the Organizing Committee also awarded the first, second and third team prizes to the participating units from Sia town, Quang Phuoc village and Quang Ngan village respectively.

Here are some photos of the wrestling festival in Thu Le village:

Two female wrestlers, My Linh and Nhu Quynh

The competition of youth wrestlers

The wrestlers are surrounded by spectators

The festival starts with the performance of two senior wrestlers

A panoramic view of the wrestling festival

Gifts are given to female wrestlers participating in the performance

Story and photos: Hoang Loan - Dang Tuyen - Thanh Toan - Trung Phan