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08/12/2019 - 07:32

Going up the mountain to ... play

Currently, A Luoi is known as an ideal tourist destination. This locality is gradually turning the potential into an advantage, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Tourists experienced the sticky rice cake wrapping with Ta Oi people in A Luoi

Making the best of potential

Although put into operation in late July, Can Tom Farmstay tourist spot, Hong Ha Commune (A Luoi) is known by many tourists. This spot is "planned" by the local government to recreate the cultural features of the upland ethnic minorities.

Coming here, tourists can not only immerse themselves in the fascinating nature, but also experience the different types of community culture and enjoy the upland cuisine.

Ms. Ho Thi Thanh Phuong (Hue City) said that she came here for the first time to see many "specialties" in the uplands - that is, Pa Co people’s custom of “đi sim” (boys or girls going to find lovers when they are of the age of getting married), the ethnic minorities’ traditional folk song performance or young people’s upland stream fishing activity re-enactment.    

“What is first seen is always fascinating. In addition to the experiences of ethnic culture, we also enjoy the typical dishes here. By night, the atmosphere is more boisterous with many performances by native residents,” Ms. Phuong shared.

If Farmstay Can Tom is the highlight for tourists to experience the local culture, Pâr Le Stream not far away is the typical discovery spot of the upland ecosystem of streams and rivers. During the peak season, Pâr Le attracts hundreds of tourists every day. They come here not only to imprint their footsteps, explore the wilderness but also to stay and play with indigenous people.

Chairman of People's Committee of Hong Ha Commune Ho Viet Luong said that for tourism business here, the local authorities are just a bridge, and the subjects are the people and the community. The authorities only give guidance and support; the people join hands to carry out.

Now, in terms of community ecotourism, A Luoi has more than one Hong Ha. With the great potential of rivers and streams, many tourist spots are opened such as A Nôr - Hong Kim, A Lin - Hong Trung, AKa - A Roang and so on, forming a network of typical community tourist attractions.

“We have just collaborated with the agencies to build a community ecotourism system in Aôr. Tourists to this spot not only have a jolly time and bathe in the stream, but also experience the rich cultural identities of the ethnic minorities,” said Ho Thanh Dung, Chairman of Hong Kim Commune People's Committee.

The strength of eco-tourism development has laid a foundation for the tourism development of this locality for many years. Since then, many other types of tourism have been developing. The culinary tourism, ethnic cultural tourism, and tourism of revolutionary historical sites ... create diversity and identity for the west land of Thua Thien Hue.

Continuing promotion

For the last time, A Luoi District was chosen to host many big festivals. Those events themselves open up the opportunity for the images and people of A Luoi to be promoted.

According to the A Luoi District Department of Culture and Information, since the beginning of the year, more than 52,500 international and domestic tourists have visited the historical relic spots of A Bia Hill (Hong Bac Commune), Community Tourism Village at A Ka1 Hamlet (A Roang Commune), Community Tourism Village at A Hua Hamlet (Nham Commune), Pâr Le Stream, A Nôr Waterfall, and A Lin Stream. Domestic travel agencies also made the surveys of the local ecotourism destinations.

The District also has many promotion programs for the image of A Luoi, a tourist destination when the legendary Ho Chi Minh Road is mentioned. Investment in tourism development not only helps to preserve culture and landscape but also creates a driving force behind economic development.

“We collaborated with the Provincial Center for Tourism Promotion Information, tour operators to survey and select City Map installation points at tourist sites and to build tour routes to tourist destinations in the district in association with big events taking place throughout the year. In addition, the plan was made to implement the activities of "Building a model of community ecotourism in Viet Tien Village, Hong Kim Commune. The target of tourism development goes hand in hand with the preservation and promotion of the cultural identity of ethnic minorities,” said Le Thi Them, Head of A Luoi District Department of Culture and Information.

The image of A Luoi is now well known, which speaks volumes for the transformation of a once-hard land. Tourists to the uplands not only explore a land but also play.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism, A Luoi District has a lot of potential for tourism development, especially community tourism. The local leaders are also very determined to change the upland appearance.

“In the coming time, the province will formulate more policies to support A Luoi people in building some community tourist sites. We will invite the experts to train and support the people offering homestay service. The landscape and ecology in A Luoi appeal to domestic and foreign tourists thanks to its unique upland cultural identity. However, for development, A Luoi tourism needs the support from enterprises and the good promotion and connection,” Mr. Phuc said.

Story and photo: Le Tho