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14/05/2020 - 19:20

Greening An Van Duong new urban area

That is one of the goals aimed at by the new Director of the Provincial Management Board of Urban Area Development, Mr. Huynh Minh Khang, along with other goals to complete and synchronize technical infrastructure and social infrastructure in this new urban area.

Green trees are grown on the divider on the extended To Huu Street

In order to realize the aforementioned goal, the Board has been implementing the socialization policy so as to call for support and contributions from enterprises. Currently, many enterprises have joined their hands to accomplish this goal.

Could you tell more about this goal?

For instance, on the Thuy Duong - Thuan An route, some enterprises has supported with oil palm trees grown on the divider, with an investment of more than VND 5 billion. In the near future, the trees will be grown on the entire route, and also funded by the enterprises. And this number will certainly increase many times.

A number of other routes have also been being sponsored and supported to grow green trees, such as the 60-meter route linking Pham Van Dong Street with Thuan An, where enterprises have also funded and grown green trees on, with a total value of more than VND 5 billion, etc.

We are also calling for investing in park building and greenery projects to make An Van Duong a greener new urban area. One of the approved projects by the province is that it will call for investment in the areas along Thuy Duong and Thuan An routes, which is reserved for enterprises doing business of green trees, bonsai trees, and flowers, etc., so as to make this route greener and more beautiful as the policy of building "the city of four seasons of flowers", the landscape heritage urban area, which is environment-friendly as set in the policy of the province.

Apart from the greenery projects, which fields are the priorities for calling for investment by the Board?

We have implemented quite a lot of investment projects in An Van Duong new urban area. With the characteristics of a new urban area, it is obvious that projects calling for investment are mainly in the fields of construction and urban area, in which special attention is paid to projects in the field of education, such as the project of “The education city” in zone E, An Van Duong new urban area, with a square of ​​40 hectares; and in the field of information technology, there has the project of "Smart communication city" in Zone B, also with the square of ​​40 hectares, and in the field of health, the project of International Hospital with a square of 4.2 hectares, etc.

In addition to social security projects such as health and education, we are implementing the projects on technical infrastructure so as to create the synchronization for the urban area. Currently, there have been quite many completed infrastructure and technical projects, and we are constantly focusing on this field to gradually complete the technical and social infrastructure of An Van Duong new urban area.

Regarding the technical infrastructure projects and the projects invested by the Board, will COVID-19 epidemic affect their progress?

The impact of COVID-19 epidemic on the progress of the projects is inevitable. However, the urban technical infrastructure projects are often quite large and the working distance of workers is quite wide, not many people concentrated in one place, so the impact of COVID-19 is not high. Currently, the progress is basically still under control.

Among the projects invested by the Board, the project of the Provincial Public Administration Center is a big one. Up to now, the progress of its phase one has been basically achieved, and is expected to be completed in the coming time, so as to put the four-story and six-story blocks into use. Then, the next phases will be deployed.

Other infrastructure projects are also being promoted to ensure the progress, with the goal of synchronizing the infrastructure, creating a more spacious appearance for An Van Duong new urban area.

How about the work of calling for investment, sir?

Currently, it is being implemented; however, there is little impact due to travel limitations between localities; investors cannot go to Hue this time. Though, we still fully provide information on the network environment for the investors to explore and research in advance before going to Hue to invest. Recently, we have issued bidding documents to tender for the selection of investors for four new urban area projects, and issued prequalification bidding documents for three new urban area projects.

Thank you, sir!

Box: An Van Duong is an urban area located in the East of Hue City, with very convenient location close to other urban areas, about 15 kilometers from Phu Bai International Airport, 10 kilometers from Thuan An Beach, which is convenient for traffic and urban development.