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21/05/2022 - 08:40

Hardship in "carrying films pick-a-back” to mountain villages

In the era of information explosion, especially information on the Internet alongside modern media, the mobile film projection is almost rarely mentioned, and it is joked that it is the technology of a "beggars of the past" time. However, in fact, for remote areas, the mobile movie film projection is seen as a cultural need and an effective information channel.

The mobile film projection team brought films to the remote area

Films brought to remote areas

Notwithstanding the growing technology, those who work in the mobile film projection division of the Center for Culture - Cinema work hard, quietly bring good films to the solitary mountain villages and ethnic minority areas... to serve the people and armed forces.

The film projection is also an activity to propagate the guidelines and lines by the Party, policies and laws by the State in many spheres to the people in remote areas.

According to the Center for Culture - Cinema, despite only 4 mobile film projection teams, every year hundreds of films are shown to the remote communes with the focus on Nam Dong and A Luoi districts.

Most of the films screened have the profound content, interesting topics of the revolution, President Ho Chi Minh, the nation's historical traditions, the national construction and defense, good people, good deeds, pandemic prevention, family planning, crime prevention and control, new rural construction...

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Toan, Head of the Mobile Film Projection Team under the Center for Culture - Cinema, said that apart from the "hardware" preparation stages, the team members also take on very many other extra tasks such as notifying time and venue, cleaning up the yard, arranging seats...

With nearly a decade of working in the mobile film projection division, Mr. Toan said that despite the cumbersomeness of film projection equipment, difficulty in transportation, the team members always try their hardest.

“Each trip usually lasts 2 weeks, from one commune to another. On each trip, the teams stay at the cultural houses of the commune and village and pay for all activity costs on their own”, Mr. Toan talked about his trip to bring mobile films to the mountain villages. In addition, the teams undertake the film screenings on big holidays, anniversaries, and major political events.

Technique renewed, more proper film sources sought

A Luoi is an area that "benefits" greatly from the mobile film projection teams. Unlike many other places where every house has televisions and smart phones, most people in some communes in the area face many difficulties, so the mobile film projection is viewed as an effective information channel to help the people have access to many good films. It is also an entertainment channel and helps the people understand more about many issues in life through each film.

Mr. Le Van Ham, Vice Chairman of Trung Son Commune People's Committee (A Luoi District) - one of the remote areas often served by the mobile film projection team - said that the people here are overjoyed to welcome the team and watch good films.

"The film projection team not only meets the people’s entertainment needs but also helps the people raise awareness and grasp the guidelines, policies in a timely manner," shared Mr. Ham.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai, Director of the Center for Culture - Cinema, confided that in the face of many difficulties, those working in the "cultural front" always endeavor to finalize their tasks.

According to Mr. Hai, the film market in the world and the country today is predominantly modern digital films, while the means and equipment of the mobile film projection teams remain quite outdated, the films provided by the Cinema Department remain limited in content and genre vis-à-vis the huge film market today.

In order to better meet the needs of mobile film projection in the coming time, Mr. Hai said that the center will continue to invest, gradually supplement and synchronize the system of technical equipment for the projection teams. The exploitation of film sources to suit the awareness and aesthetics of viewers will be increased. "We aim to not only reach the target of the film projection but also focus particularly on the quality and efficiency of each film projection," said Mr. Hai.


Photos: the Center for Culture - Cinema