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03/02/2022 - 20:58

Having fun with playing Bai Choi at Thuy Thanh Commune 

From the 2nd to the 6th of the Lunar New Year of the Tiger, 2022, Thuy Thanh Commune (Huong Thuy Town) organizes a small-scale Bai Choi festival at the campus of the Commune's Farm Tool Display House.

For many people, Bai Choi is an indispensable spiritual dish in spring days

Through witty chants and joyful laughter as participating in the Bai Choi festival, visitors will have more atmosphere of springtime to welcome Tet through this activity.

Before that, in implementing regulations on prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic, many large-scale spring activities in Huong Thuy town, such as: “Country market on Tet holiday”, display and exhibition of Tet flowers, flower boats, boats selling local products... scheduled to be held in Thuy Thanh commune must be canceled.

According to Mr. Tran Duy Viet - Chairman of Thuy Thanh Commune People's Committee, although the festival was not as widely propagated as in previous years, there were still a lot of guests coming to join in the festival when opening, and they were very self-conscious in the implementation of “5K” rules. 

“If there are more guests, we will organize some more folk games, such as: Pot hitting with blindfold, ducks catching with blindfold… to help people and tourists have more experiences, more laughter in the Tet holiday this year,” Mr. Viet shared.

The following are some pictures at Bai Choi festival on the 2nd day of Tet holiday:

As the festival was just opened, the huts used to sit and play bai choi were no longer empty

Bai Choi is one of the folk games regardless of age and gender

Names of some cards in bai choi

Thuy Thanh commune is one of the few localities of Hue that still preserves and transmits the bai choifestival

Bai choi is a healthy entertainment game

Play and record chants at the Bai Choi festival

“I won, grandma”

By Han Dang