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19/01/2018 - 08:39

Heart-touching services for visitors

Realizing many unique values of Thua Thien Hue Tourism, Nguyen Dinh An – the Director of Tourism Joint Stock Company Hue Cua Ta (‘Our Hue’) – choose to “touch the hearts of visitors” by providing services of royalty-related experience.

From 2016 on, Hue Cua Ta provides Royal Dinner Cruise on River Huong, which is attached to the Emperor Dragon Boat. Royal Dinner Cruise services began with helping guests wear “royal costumes” in the hotel lobby and pick them by trishaws to Nghinh Luong Dinh boat wharf for a boat ride. The journey from hotel to the wharf is also an enjoyable experience. “At first, it was difficult to convince guests to wear the royal attire when they are at the hotel. But later when they are convinced, many delegations are happy. They enjoy seeing how different they become,” Nguyen Dinh An said.

Royal Dinner service on Dragon Boat. Photo by Phan Thanh

Coming from the country of sunrise, elder Japanese guests became more intimate in the royal costumes. Younger people helped old people adjust their clothes. An old man affectionately came closer to his wife so that their granddaughter took a photo of the moment they “transformed” into the king and queen. When the delegates reached the Dragon boat, dinner was readily well prepared. Everyone would eat in the joyful music of Hue, and the Emperor Dragon Boat slowly glided on the Perfume River down to Vy Da. The journey of Royal Dinner Cruise ended with a return to Nghinh Luong Dinh. Yamada Tarosan excitedly said: “We left the beautiful yacht with happy moments and enjoyable music. Thank you for sharing with our family the beautiful traditions of Hue.”

The dinner service with royal menu is not the only goal that Hue Cua Ta targets. The most important focus is to make it possible for visitors to have interesting and different experiences. With the Emperor Dragon Boat’s own advantages, visitors can enjoy Hue sparkling nights from the deck while the boat is moving slowly on the river when the weather is fine.

“I have been to many places in the world, but I am really excited when I am here in Hue, especially when I stand on this boat and touch Truong Tien bridge with my own hands. The bridge is very well-known and I am happy to have left my ‘marks’ on it,” Marchie Sanchez - British tourists said enjoyably.

Visitors’ pleasure. Photo by Dong Van

Besides Royal Dinner Cruise, Hue Cua Ta is also connected with singer Camille Huyen and Mr. Truong Dinh Ngo to allow visitors to stop at Ben Xuan. During this trip, visitors can admire the Perfume River and the romantic Ben Xuan garden, where they enjoy the performances by artist Camille Huyen. The fact that many visitors choose the tour though the price at VND 800,000/person is quite higher than the general price in Hue strengthens the success of the product that meets the taste of visitors.

With two types of products related to Hue royal life and folk culture, Nguyen Dinh An has become popular in the tourism market in Hue. He used to be passionately interested in services in Truong Sanh palace and the House of Queen Mother Tu Cung. Nguyen Dinh An is well aware that it takes time to make profits. Despite this, he has a strong belief in the future success because his product is culture-specific of Hue. He always makes his best efforts and enthusiasm in every service he provides, and becomes a companion with visitors. “I am a real companion, not just a service provider,” emphasized Nguyen Dinh An. This is his own experience after years traveling with visitors in the role of tour guide. Such an easy-to-say but difficult-to-do experience is yet crucial to the survival of a business in the tourism arena.

Visitors in Hue royal costumes pose for a photo. Photo by Phan Thanh

“Just tell us what your expectations are, we will care about it all.” Nguyen Dinh An is confident with his way to the development of the brand for his business. He said, “Hue Cua Ta as a small business cannot do many things if it is on its own. I always want to establish cooperation with many other organizations, as well as gain the support from businesses and local governments. Our target is to become one of the professional travel service providers. With cooperation and support, we will definitely provide better services.”