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27/02/2020 - 11:40

Hue Central Hospital

Hepatectomy for pediatric patient having hepatocellular carcinoma

This is a surgery successfully performed by doctors of Hue Central Hospital recently. They were also the first two cases of hepatectomy in children with hepatocellular carcinoma having combination therapy at Hue Central Hospital and the Central - Highland Regions.

Previously, two pediatric patients Hoang Tran Bao H. (11 months old), residing in Hiep Duc district (Quang Nam province), weighing 5.5 kg and Le Nguyen Bao Tr. (5 years old), residing in Quang Dien district (Thua Thien Hue province), weighing 15 kg, both had health problems and are examined and treated by Hue Central Hospital’s staff.

Thereby, the doctors found that both children had liver cancer with huge tumor. In particular, patient Tr. had hepatoblastoma with the size of nearly 20 cm in diameter.

After treatment with chemotherapy to shrink the tumor and being consulted with a multidisciplinary consultation, they were indicated to have hepatectomy. Although the tumor was smaller than before, it accounted for a large part of the liver, hence, both of them were scheduled to have hepatectomy. After the surgery, the two children’s health is now stable and in good condition.

By Dong Van