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24/03/2019 - 08:07

Hoa My War Zone - A Don waterfall, an interesting destination 

Hoa My war zone (in Phong My commune, Phong Dien district, Thua Thien province) is located in the area adjacent to the majestic Truong Son mountain range, some 40 kilometers north of Hue City.

This place has huge Hevea brasiliensis forests bobbing along the mountain ranges. The gentle A Don waterfall is located far away, with white water particles sparkling under the golden sunlight throughout the four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. They crept through pebble stones blocking the water stream, and then quietly merge into O Lau River flowing around Hoa My, and flowing downstream. Besides A Don waterfall, there are also Khe Ma (Khe Me) waterfall whose transparent water flows through the rock slits and Hoa My Lake - Quao dam; they all always glow in the sunrise.

When coming to this place, do not forget to enjoy the unique traditional dishes of the locals, such as chicken grilled with pepper and hot red pepper; stone snails steamed with forest lolot leaf; and black glutinous rice baked in bamboo stem, etc.

Hue News would like to introduce some photos of this interesting destination shot by photographer Nguyen Khoa Huy.

The cool and gentle stream keeps the visitors staying

Visitors enjoy having good time with the water of the stream

The camp area for visitors

Crossing the stream and forest is the daily life activity of the ethnic minority people

The children are having fun when playing in the spring water       

The flow of A Don waterfall merges into the watershed of O Lau River

Hoa My Lake - a destination in the ecotourism area of Hoa My - A Don waterfall

Chicken grilled with pepper and hot red pepper is a mouthwatering dish made by the ethnic minority people themselves

Black glutinous rice baked in bamboo stem, which is slightly sweet and soft in taste, is also indispensable in the menu for visitors

The hospitality of the Pahy ethnic minority

A rustic menu of the mountain and forest has made visitors feel delighted

By Hue News