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08/04/2020 - 08:12

Hoang Trang: Sensing Hue in every Trinh Cong Son’s song

Clips of a young woman singing Trinh Cong Son’s songs with a naturally rustic voice and emotions have gone viral on social media recently.

The 1997-born young woman has just graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Science and Humanity, specializing in Italian. For her, Trinh’s songs have been rooted in her ever since childhood.

Hoang Trang – a social media phenomenon with Trinh Cong Son’s songs

On her visit to Hue – Trinh Cong Son’s hometown – Hoang Trang had a talk with Thua Thien Hue Online about her music passion, especially the Trinh Cong Son’s music.

“I started to like music when I was a child. I listened to songs that my parents did without knowing most of which were Trinh’s until later. When I was 12, I was taken to Hoi Ngo Club (Binh Quoi, Ho Chi Minh City). I became a member and had the chance to sing Trinh’s song with others, and my interest in Trinh’s music was growing bigger,” Trang said.

The number of Trinh’s fans is countless, but not many people can sing Trinh’s songs well. In your opinion, is it difficult to sing Trinh’s songs?

I think it is not difficult to sing Trinh’s songs in terms of precise music and melody, but it is not simple to convey the message in the song to make the audience feel right. I sing with my own emotions, and fortunately, I have touched the audience.

Your clips on social media are being loved and remarked as rustic. Can you tell tips for singing naturally and inspiringly?

I have never attended a formal music training course, nor have I thought of becoming a professional singer. I sing simply because I love singing, so I consider it as a way of relaxing myself after studying.

I have no tips, actually. At first, my boyfriend, guitarist Nguyen Dong guided me to practice and took me to clubs to sing. Later, Trinh Vinh Trinh, Trinh Cong Son’s sister, instructed me to sing in the way that expresses Trinh’s spirit and allowed me to sing in Trinh Cong Son music programs held by her family.

I am very grateful to Trinh Cong Son’s family members who always support me. I sing with all my heart and it depends very much on my mood.

Hoang Trang in a performance of Trinh Cong Son’s music

You have recently performed in bigger shows. What’s the difference between singing in a club and singing in a big show?

To be honest, I am often worried before I start singing, no matter how big the audience is out there. I only forget the worry when the music is played. I don’t feel that people are looking at me then. I only feel happy to sing.

I think I need Dong accompanying me when I perform in big shows. He gives me more confidence.

What is your impression of Hue, the talented musician’s hometown? Hue is found in many of Trinh Cong Son’s songs. Do you feel excited while you are staying in Hue?

I had my first visit to Hue last year, but I didn’t stay for long. I feel attached to Hue, especially to hospitable Hue people. It seems to me that time in Hue is slower than in Saigon and the scenery is more ancient than my hometown.

When in Hue, I can see with my own eyes the street with flying flamboyant leaves in the song Mua hong (‘pink rain’), the ancient wall in Niu tay nghin trung (‘The nostalgia’), Hue rain in Diem xua (‘For Diem’), the yellow sunlight in Hue in many songs such as Ha trang (‘The white summer’), Vang phai truoc ngo (‘The changing season’), etc.

What events related to Trinh Cong Son’s music did you involve in while you were in Hue?

Hue has also been under the threat of the COVID-19 outbreak. I didn’t accept invitations to perform at public places for fear that I would be guilty if the unexpected incident occurred. I spent most of my time with Nguyen Dong visiting the relics that I didn’t have a chance to visit before.

Hoang Trang singing “Hue-Saigon-Hanoi”

You are said to be Khanh Ly’s successor. What do you think about this?

Well, it is very kind of them to say that, but I have never thought of becoming Khanh Ly’s successor. The senior singers such as Khanh Ly, Trinh Vinh Trinh, Cam Van and Hong Nhung have all earned my respect.

Will you continue to sing, especially Trinh Cong Son’s music? What is your plan in the time ahead?

I think I and Nguyen Dong have the affinity with music, especially Trinh Cong Son’s. I’ll try to pursue singing because only when I sing, I have a strong feeling of identity. Yet I haven’t had any plan in this pandemic-hit time. I hope everything will be fine again very soon. I and Nguyen Dong will be back and have a good time in the music world.

By Phan Thanh & Thu Linh