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02/10/2022 - 10:53

Honoring authors in the Eo Bau - Thuong Thanh landscape design contest

A group of authors namely Do Tri Kiet, Tran Cong Tan, Tran Van Tien, Nguyen Tan Tai, and Nguyen Ngoc Tung (from Faculty of Architecture - University of Sciences, Hue University) was honored with the First prize in the “Southern Eo Bau - Thuong Thanh (Upper surface of the Citadel rampart) landscape design” contest.

The winning works are displayed and introduced to the public

On the evening of September 30, the awarding ceremony of the “Southern Eo Bau - Thuong Thanh landscape design” contest was organized at the Noon Gate - Imperial Citadel - Hue, by Hue Monuments Conservation Center in collaboration with the University of Sciences, Hue University.

In addition to the First prize, the Organizing Committee has also given awards and certificates to dozens of winning works in many other categories within the contest, as well as a sketching competition with the theme "The Southern Hue Imperial City - Imprint of the times".

Mr. Hoang Viet Trung, from Hue Monuments Conservation Center, said that the contest had attracted the participation of 59 works under two themes, all of them showed the talents and wisdom of the heritage lovers, with the desire to convey their ideas to the work of preserving and promoting heritage values. Among them, many works are presented elaborately and creatively, and invested in with enthusiasm, showing the authors’ understanding of heritages embracing good ideas, initiatives, messages as well as deep meanings.

On this occasion, the Organizing Committee also introduces these works to the public via an exhibition located right in front of the Noon Gate. The exhibition will last for one month.

By N. Minh