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19/11/2021 - 15:09

Honoring the Ao Dai at the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival

Among the programs organized by the province at the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival, Ao dai performances are the highlight contributing to promoting the culture, people, and the land of Hue, aiming at affirming and promoting the brand name "Hue – The Capital of Ao dai Viet Nam".

The designer Quang Hoa urgently completing a collection of five-panel Ao dai

In the cultural event that brings together representatives of the 7th art form from 3 regions, the spirit of the night "Ao dai and Cinema" will bear the imprint of the designers in 3 regions: North - Central - South. 

It is a vivid story about the history of formation, development and characteristics of Ao dai Hue, Ao dai Viet Nam, which was once the national dress. It is also the effort of reviving the Ao dai, so that the dream of "Hue - The Capital of Ao dai Viet Nam" will soon become a reality.

Taking place on the evening of November 18th at Hue Academy of Music, on a stage decorated with rustic conical hats, lotus flowers, and Hue kites, the beauty of Ao dai would be honored and promoted.

Collections of the five-panel Ao dai, traditional Ao dai, and modern Ao dai are integrated with the spirit of cinema and local culture. Along with art performances, the event would introduce to guests a special cultural party of the ancient capital.

The collection "The History of Ao dai Viet Nam through the Periods" by the designer Huynh Le Bao Ngoc depicts the historical process of the formation of Ao dai Viet Nam through the stages, from the Nguyen Dynasty's five-panel Ao dai to the Lemur - Cat Tuong Ao dai, Raglan Ao dai, tight waist Ao dai, fashion Ao dai...  Over the generations, the Ao dai has been constantly changing but it still respects the traditional gentle beauty of the Vietnamese people.

If women's Ao dai has always been the focus of creativity, men's Ao dai is the focal point in the collection "Five-panel Ao dai " by the designer Quang Hoa.

Inspired by men's five-panel Ao dai which was the costumes from the reigns of Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat and Emperor Minh Mang, the designs show the spirit of patriotism in the past. This spirit is now inherited by the next generation who strives to bring it to life through new designs but still preservesthe old styles and techniques of cutting and sewing.

The highlight of the program could count the "Ao dai and Cinema" collection by artist Vo Quang Phat, which was inspired by posters of 27 films participating in the festival. The posters were painted and dyed on the Ao dai to honor cinematic works and recognize the labor results of the film crews.

Also inspired by cinema, the designer Tran Thien Khanh presents "White Camellia", a collection with designs that show the beauty of Hue's heritage as the setting in the movies: "Royal Palace Candle", "Indochina", "Camellia Sisters", and music MVs...

The designer Viet Bao, director of the show, shared: "Among this festival's activities, the Ao daiperformance is the highlight for us to introduce to filmmakers, actors and the public the beauty of Ao dai Hue and Ao dai Viet Nam. The program also shows the unique interaction and combination between Ao dai and cinema to recognize the contributions of filmmakers in promoting local culture and tourism. This is also an opportunity for designers to promote their new collection and brand nameto the public.

To promote and honor Ao dai on this occasion, the Department of Culture and Sports will launch the week "Hue people wear Ao dai " from the opening day of the festival to the day of Vietnamese Cultural Heritage (scheduled from 17 to 23/11). The aim is to encourage people in the province, especially in Hue to wear Ao dai to participate in the events and to go to work, such as office cadres, small traders in the markets, teachers and officials in the education sector, culture, and sports sector, tourism industry and at monuments...

“In order to increase the promotional effect of Ao dai Hue, members of the steering committee, organizers, and judges will wear Ao dai when participating in the events. We also encourage actors to wear Ao dai on the award conferring night to create beautiful images. Hopefully, along with the positive effects from the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival, Ao dai Hue - Ao dai Viet Nam will further be promoted," expressed Mr. Hai.

Story and photos: TRANG HIEN