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30/12/2022 - 20:32

Honoring writers and artists and awarding 13 excellent works

On the afternoon of December 29, the Union of Literature and Arts held a program to honor artists and award excellent literature and art works in 2022.

Awarding to authors with excellent works

In 2022, writers and artists have composed various works close to daily life, harmoniously settling out the parallel relationships between life and art, and between art and life.

According to the assessment of the art council, through the linguistic characteristics of each art form, the works have created an empathetic voice, expressing issues about human life, world and people’s privacy in each certain relationship.

Through each work with its own language and writing style, the writers and artists have contributed to purifying the living environment and humanizing the human soul. It is this that has created the cognitive, ideological, aesthetic, and humanistic values of each work.

The art council selected and awarded the prizes of the Union of Literature and Arts to 13 works including the collection of short stories “Faded Royal Robe” written by Le Vu Truong Giang, the collection of literary criticisms “Aesthetic focal points of poetry” by Assoc. Dr. Ho The Ha, the song “Quynh Huong” by the musician Vinh Phuc, the work “Royal Night” by artist Nguyen Dinh Dang, the play “Hoa nhat muon dan” by Nguyen Phuoc Hai Trung and directed by Meritorious artist La Thanh Hung, etc.

On this occasion, the Union of Literature and Arts also honored the members winning domestic and international prizes.

By Minh Hien